Tristan Risk first cut her teeth on the cabaret and burlesque stages from Vancouver to Budapest, Helsinki to Rome. Having performed striptease and stunts in over twelve countries worldwide, she made the transition in 2012 from stage to screen with The Soska Sister’s body modification horror, “American Mary”.

From that point she has since dedicated equal time to both stage and screen in a large number of genre films. She has cultivated her sideshow/circus collective, The Caravan Of Curiosities, with her partner Burns the Dragon. Together they also offer workshops and classes in education about snake handling and husbandry in addition to their onstage performances. Their shared passion for herpetology founded The Circus Sideshow Reptiles collective, under the umbrella of Caravan Of Curiosities

Limited Edition Print:

‘Snake Woman’ – By Hiro Fujii (2020)

Artist Statement: I have been a huge Tristan Risk fan since 2014 when Japanese comic artist, Daiju Kurabayashi, and I created a comic adaptation of Jill Gevargizian’s short film, Call Girl. I love Tristan. She is more than a “Horror Queen”, she is a Goddess beyond time and age. I have drawn her as a “Snake Woman”. It was a smooth process, because the theme of Tristan and a snake has always been on my mind.

Story Book:

‘In The Nonesuch Garden – By Tristan Risk (2020)

Artist Statement: Created in colaboration with Scott Alexander (photographer and designer) and Baker Street Creative (Publisher), this 24 page booklet features nine of my little creations going about their little lives. The first editions are available in a very limited quantity in both Canada and New Zealand now!

Currently remaining: 14 (as of July 24 2020)

$19CAD incl s/h (Canada) $21CAD incl s/h (Global)

Reptile House Clothing:

Created by: Dorkzombie (2019)

Support Tristan Risk’s Reptile House with Dorkzombie’s line of tops and bottoms that will cuddle and snuggle you and your personal bits while making you the most fashionable fan of indie-horror in the city!