Redacted, Malevolent Magazine, and WiHM (Oh my!)

Hey lovers and sinners! Back fresh from my sojourn to the South Pacific, to New Zealand this past month. Fresh air, time to rest has left me recharged, and gearing up to tackle 2015, hog tie it, and make it my bitch… so many awesome things coming up on the horizon, but one at a time.

First off, as it’s now February and most folks think of this time of the year as the time when strange naked babies who are both armed and winged guilt us into buying sub-par confections for those we love. But it’s also the month that celebrates Women In Horror all 28 days, so it holds a special non-commercial place in my heart. With this in mind, I wrote a piece for Malevolent Magazine with is available online, along with s ton of other great interviews and features by other ladies of the genre. You can get your WiHM copy there right MEOW

Speaking of horror, and people I respect, there are a few gents out there who can make me squirm when watching their work. One of this small group of these folks is Andy Stewart of Shining Example Films. I first saw his short, Dysmorphia, at the first Rio Grind Film Festival. The Soskas had seen it over in the UK when American Mary was touring there, and had said that I HAD to see it. Saw it I did, and I can tell you I watched someone faint from it, so awesome were the practical effects. I did not, personally, woof my cookies, though even knowing how the gags worked, they still worked my gag reflex, somewhat…

But he went on to make two more body horror shorts, Spilt and Ink, respectively. These both followed suit as crazy and audacious stomach-turners. I was utterly thrilled when we were talking and he sent me a script for his newest project, Redacted. I won’t spoil the plot for you until it’s release, but suffice to say I’m very excited to be doing this kind of a role, with this director. As well, he is reuniting me with my friend Laurence Harvey, with whom I’ve shared the screen with in Call Girl, The Editor, ABCs Of Death 2, and Boogeyman. Now we’re getting ready for another spin on set… at this point I feel like we are starting to turn into the Boris and Natasha of genre film, but I’m okay with that. In addition to seeing favourite faces, as well as Grant Mason (The Wolfman, Sleepy Hollow, Bride Of Chucky) who made the creatures for Median in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed.

Initiate fan girl mode right there.

So, I’ve got to say I’m pretty damn pleased to be working on that with them and the team in Scotland. We’ve got a little indiegogo campaign going for the occasion as well, too. You can see how we are doing, or better yet, help us out if you care to click HERE.


And as of Feb. 3rd, ABCs Of Death 2 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray! So if you missed it on the festival circuit, or you just like having the media in your hot little hand, it is out now. I should point out that the Soska’s segment, T Is For Torture Porn, is under five minutes. However, they shot over 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage which mostly show me giggling like a fiend with all my FX all over the place. For that alone (and there are lots of other good reasons to buy it, trust) is worth it’s price.


So have a wonderful Thursday lovers and sinners. I’ll see you tonight for Sweet Sip Thursday at the Keefer Bar.


Little Miss Risk

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Call Girl Available Online!

Looking for a date?

If the answer is yes, then be sure to check out Jill Sixx’s directorial debut, Call Girl, written by Eric Havens. Starring the amazing Laurence Harvey and myself, this girl has been working the festival circuit around the world HARD this year. With her next short film, The Stylist, about to get underway, Jill Sixx has made sure people far and wide see myself and Laurence’s webcam date gone awry.

However, I appreciate that not everyone has gotten to see it yet, which is why the folks at DreadCentral are being super sassy and making sure that it’s posted online so everyone can get a fair shake to check it out. So take a moment to sit back, pour yourself a cup of your favourite poison, and check out Call Girl.

Because some people like to watch…



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Daily Grindhouse: The Phantom Of The Paradise (1974)

Oh my. I can’t believe this film is forty years old this year. I don’t even know how it’s possible. It’s chronological age aside, it still stands as a really awesome little piece of campy rock and roll glory… Brian De Palma nails it and it remains one of my favourites. So I was pretty pumped to write about it for Daily Grindhouse….

Come and see what happens when he sold his soul for rock and roll.




Little Miss Risk

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Hypnoteasing at the Hypnorealm!

Last week Josh Burton at the Hypnorealm was nice enough to take an interest in what I’ve been up to the last year, and ask me some questions. Because I like all things hypno, and he is a sweetheart, I wanted to repost the interview here…

Get Hypnorealm-itized….



Little Miss Risk

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Daily Grindhouse: Teenage Mother

Oh, grind house films. Even when trying to impart morals that they themselves don’t even adhere to, they still manage to be amusing. As I explore in Teenage Mother which shows, the use of forceps during the birthing process. Thus ensuring that any baby cravings that I may experience in passing due to hormones in dead and buried.

Read on, if you dare….


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