Chatter, Chatter, All Night Long

The man, the myth, the legend: Nicholas Vince aka The Chatterer!

The man, the myth, the legend: Nicholas Vince aka The Chatterer!

We honour those that come before us, and there is nothing more awesome than when the horror icons we put on a pedestal are welcoming and inclusive to the next generation. It must be said that when Clive Barker selected the actors for his Cenobites, that he chose a wonderful coterie of human beings. Among these amazing folks is a gentleman who knows what it’s like to be under a great deal of prosthetics, Nicholas Vince aka The Chatterer.

Print of Kinski in Baphomet's Chamber, available for purchase on

Print of Kinski in Baphomet’s Chamber, available for purchase on


This warm and charming gent invited me onto his show, Chattering With The Chatterer and has had guests such as my gal pals the Soska sisters, Liam Regan (Banjo), and more folks who are gaining some notoriety in the horror and genre world. His format is through Google Hangout which allows people to interact, making it something of a a video call-in which is really marvellous and fun. I highly recommend tuning in for one in the future.

However, if you care to see my NSFW episode of Chattering With The Chatterer, you can click HERE and check it out.

Hugs and hisses,

Little Miss Risk

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Malevolent Magazine X-treme

I’m back between the pages, but this time it’s slightly sassier… Malevolent Magazine has collected a number of NSFW photos from folks who are in the horror world. Including a little West Coast living, burlesque dancing, demented flamethrower… oh WAIT… that would be me…

Now you can buy your copy of MALEVOLENT MAGAZINE X-TREME for a limited time and check out the saucy pictures, and make some new friends.


Little Miss Risk

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New Little Miss Risk 3D Glasses Print For Sale!

Hello lovers and sinners…

I’ve a new NSFW image for sale…

So new it’s getting printed tomorrow, with the image taken by the amazing Shimona Henry.

So new it’s not yet up in my store… However, if you visit the Twisted Twins store, you can order this, and other prints online and have them signed and sent to you! so be sure to crack open the piggy bank and click the link here:!photographs/c1faw


DSC_6634 copy_webFB


Note: stars will only be in my eyes, not covering up anything in the print…

Hope to hear from you soon, lovers and sinners!


Little Miss Risk

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Little Miss Risk’s Vancouver Beach Body Workout

Step One: Haul all your gear down the stairs to Wreck Beach, find and secure a spot, set up all the shit you brought with you. Pack everything up and haul it back up those stairs at the end of the day. Do this every day for June.

Step Two: Do the Grouse Grind every day in July. Reward yourself with the gondola ride back down.

Step Three: Starfish in a kiddie pool full of ice with a fan on you, because by August it’s too fucking hot to do anything other than this.

Have a great summer!

Little Miss Risk

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Look up, way up….

I enjoy shooting with Ned Tobin. Funny, sensible, artistic. It helps he’s the paramour of one of my best friends. So when he told me they had a lovely hotel room to shoot in, I didn’t want to miss the chance to press my naked body to the windows and laugh as everyone on Burrard walked by.

This serves as an important lesson: always be aware of your surroundings. I have stood naked in windows all over the world and watched as people passed by below, absorbed in their own worlds. I’m guilty of this too. Hardly bereft of this sin, I found myself after the shoot with my eyes curiously wandering upward, hoping to get the view that I had been trying to give someone else, and hopefully, brighten their day.

If you didn’t look up, here’s what you might have missed. More on Ned’s erotic art site that you can find HERE. Enjoy.

Pew, pew, pew!

Pew, pew, pew!

Also, I should mention the site is kind of NSFW. Unless you work somewhere that is very enlightened and enjoys the female form. Here’s hoping, anyways.


Little Miss Risk

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