Opening Roads

Our old tour manager, 'Todd' doing what he did best.

Our old tour manager, ‘Todd’ doing what he did best.

Life without humour is hollow. I should be grateful, then, that mine is rich in so much of it. Humour with irony-ist leanings, if you will. Fifty shades of irony, give or take. Because of this, you find yourself in certain scenarios that you feel are dire, which you then leave, reflect fondly upon, then repeat. I find myself in this very situation dawning on me in a matter of days, and I can assure you that while now I’m laughing, there was a time when that wasn’t so.

Onstage negotiations got strenuous.

Onstage negotiations got strenuous.

Once upon a time, I was a performer in my old band, doing bump n grind, sideshow chicanery, hosting and the odd bit of flimflam. For six years I spent a great deal of time in a small vehicle on long drives, travelling from venue to to venue to do a little razzle dazzle, and drink them dry of gin. When I first started, I loved it. I wasn’t anchored to home, so wherever I lay my head was home to me. Over time, the dynamic of our group changed, and it eventually got to a point where I was no longer off on a grand adventure, I was sealed in vehicle with a bunch of lunatics as crazy as I was for going on this voyage. I began to get homesick for Vancouver, my own bed, and my non-band friends. The change had happened.

I later did some small tours with Sweet Soul Burlesque, but I found that it was a little soon for me to be back on the road, but I returned with the ladies. I didn’t realize I had such an aversion to it. It wasn’t until that first year I went to Bass Coast, and while the fact I’d had nothing to eat except psychedelics all day long might have played a role, it took Crystal Precious the better part of an hour to coax me out of the RV. That same RV died a horrible death on our way home from Shambhala in the Slocan Valley later that summer, stranding myself and two other ladies on the side of the road in the Kootenays. We did get home, eventually, but my stress level was exceptionally high and with my serotonin levels being slightly out of whack from the festival prior, it took a while to recover.

However, my memory has a tendency to be highly selective. For instance, I can remember all of Kitty Pryde’s aliases but I can’t remember why I left the house and went to the market. I can also recount my high school locker combination, but I can’t remember if I locked the window. This has plagued me for years, and likely will continue to do so. It’s lucky, because if I didn’t have this gift/affliction, then I’d have likely not taken the job to be in Mania or Desolation. I might have just stomped my raccoon paw and said, ‘Knickers!’ and that’d have been the end of it. But the sneaky little strange-luck faery that has nipped my heels my whole life dealt my memory and blow, and I agreed.

I had my usual seasonal panic that comes when I’ve overbooked myself around this time of year. I had a minor meltdown that involved drinking red wine and doing lots of yoga inversions and heavy breathing. But now that the fog of fear has lifted, I’m free to enjoy the experience. When I reflect on that time I spent on the road, I realize I was still figuring myself out, was very creatively frustrated and felt limited. I was in an unhappy relationship, and I’d never done anything like that before. Now I’ve had four years off from the gypsy life, and like an old lover that you are doomed to return to like a boomerang, I hear the siren song of the road call to me.

“Come to the road, Risky,” it coos. “It’s different this time. You’ve missed it out here, haven’t you?”. So, the road is seducing me back to her. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to not only getting back out there to travel, explore, and experience, but create with a skeleton crew some really cool art. Adventures await, new friends beckon, and stories are waiting to be born. And much like that lover you keep going back to, when we travel out and pass through the asphalt arteries of the continent, it’s like that horizontal mambo that you know so well. That way you know each other’s nooks and crannies, but always with something fun and new to experience together.

ink and iron

In our showgirl circle we joke that we are married to the stage. I say I like to cheat on the stage with the silver screen now. But, in truth, it’s the road that I’ve always had the most tempestuous love/hate relationship with. Given that we are in the heart and soul of Scorpio season, and incidentally, around the time I shift to another year older, that it’s the perfect time to rekindle this old flame. Every time she burns me, I come back, up out of the ashes anew, ready to shake a fresh Phoenix tail feather.

As the world blurs past...

As the world blurs past…

See you out there in the world, lovers and sinners.


Little Miss Risk

PS: Am rewatching The Life And Hard Times Of Guy Terrifico to get in the mood. I highly recommend it.

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Notorious Vancouver: Gigi Saul Guerrero

So I’ve always got my eyeballs peeled for cool people and projects in my fair city of Vancouver. Terminal City is fast getting a reputation as a breeding ground for cinematic talent. Whether it’s a community that fosters this, the scenery that inspires or someone put something in the water, no one can deny the quality of work this next generation is bringing to the screen.

One of these people is Gigi Saul Guerrero, the La Muñeca Del Terror, of Luchagore Productions. I came across her work a few years ago with her short that screened at the Rio Dead On Film Festival. Since then she has gone on to produce and direct some amazing work that has been killing it on the festival circuit. Ever interested in seeing the growth of my cinema sisters, I managed to nail her down to ask her a few questions….



1. You are a delightful addition to the Women In Horror sisterhood
between kicking ass at film festivals and making films that don’t shy
away from the extreme. What was your ‘lightbulb’ moment when you
wanted to pursue this as a career and not just a hobby?

GSG:  I actually started out as an athlete! I was convinced I wanted to be either a Cartoonist or an Olympic Gold medalist in swimming, volleyball, or at the track field! Haha random right? But ever since a little girl “scary” things always interested me, even if I was terrified of them! For example, I has a HUGE obsession with watching surgeries on TV, anything to do with the Ouija board or paranormal events I wanted to know more. Then in High school I got into a lot of theater acting and slowly went into film and said to myself… yup film is what I want to do. So I started with making only comedies in Film School and then slowly added more and more blood and BAM!! I couldn’t tell you how great it feels to work with blood, guts and gore behind the camera. It simply feels… right?


2. Your from Mexico City, and live in Vancouver. Do you find as a
female filmmaker, particularly in horror, that there are any cultural
differences in attitude towards your choice in subject matter, or do
you find that both are supportive?

GSG: Being born and raised from Mexico has really helped me in staying close and true to my culture. So far all the films I have made have a big or small “Hispanic” reference/twist to it. Now being a female filmmaker has never faced me to be a negative thing, but instead I see it as an other obstacle a filmmaker has to face. No matter where I come from or what sex I am – at the end of the day  my goal is to be recognized as a “Great Filmmaker”.


3. Your work is haunting and beautiful but also doesn’t pull any
punches. When your work has screened at film festivals do you find
that your audience gravitates more towards the beauty of the horror
you show or the gore?

GSG: The beauty of it! So far what I have noticed in the audience’s reaction to the films I have Directed is more in the look and style of the film and that I have to give a big shout out to my best friend, Luke Bramley, who is an absolutely amazing cinematographer. Not to mention, people have always commented how they love that our films always bring a mexican twist to it, and it is always so fresh and original.

4. Who are some of your major influences and inspirations for your work?

GSG: I am a huge fan for the Three amigos (Mexican Directors: Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, and Alejandro González Iñárritu) . But man when it comes to films that go from shocking people, to crossing on the extreme, to simply ebing f*cked up I am in love with Robert Rodriguez, Rob Zombie, and Quentin Taratino.
Don’t get me wrong, I could give you a list of my top 25 Directors, haha but these are big influences.

The whole family is here...

The whole family is here…

5. As a modern and young filmmaker, do you feel there are more
advantages with current technology, or do you prefer old school
methods, equipment or styles? Do feel that modern technology has
helped or hindered movie makers?

GSG: This day and age anybody can “call themselves” a filmmaker: Camera’s are more affordable as well as getting your work online is accessible. So in a way technology has really made it easier for Indie filmmakers to get their name and work out there. Now that I think about it, without any social media I don’t know how any of my work could’ve been seen. 
Now even though today’s amazing technology has created history in the way films were made, I am still not a huge fan of CGI or Visual effects when they are over used. Sure it’s amazing what can be done today, but I like to remember how in especially Horror movies it was all about the practical/special effects done live on set! 
My team and I try to do that as much as possible or practical effects and use Visual Effects to slightly enhance someting on screen, or not use Visual Effects at all.

6. Where can we see more of your work?

GSG: My work can be seen on my Fan page on Facebook and Twitter at  and can always use the hashtag #LaMuñecaDelTerror!

Be sure to check out let latest film, TESTEMENT, winner of Best Cinematography and Best Fucking Death in the Phrike 72 Hour Film Festival.


Little Miss Risk

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Daily Grindhouse: Sorority Babes At The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama

Been catching heat lately for my role as Yumi in the Twisted Twins’ ABCS Of Death 2 segment, ‘T Is For Torture Porn’. Evidently, being a tentacle rape monster is somehow beneath me. If I wasn’t such a lady, I’d say ‘balls’. But it’s got my back up a teeny tiny bit in regards to what other people perceive as ‘ladylike behaviour’.

With this in mind, and brimming with vitriolic feelings, it might not have been the best time to rewatch Sorority Babes At The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama for Daily Grindhouse. Given that the film was done in the hey-day of 80s slasher flicks, I might have found myself slithering up onto my soapbox… To be fair, this was my first time not viewing the film under the influence, and without the fuzziness of various intoxicants, it lost a little bit of it’s shimmer for me.

You can read my feelings about it here, and if you happen to have a lot of intoxicants, you might want to check it out…


Little Miss Risk

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October Sass

Ah, October. Without a doubt, my hands-down favourite time of the year. Not for the little joys of watching everyone take on my oeuvre with the spooky, nor the nail-biting drama that comes from the thrill of watching pedestrians narrowly miss stepping in dog poo concealed by fall foliage… There is genuinely so much fun and awesome festive things happening, it feels like a more united celebration for us horror folks than Christmas for Christians.

Berlin, Halloween 2010

Berlin, Halloween 2010

With that said, I’ve a few events I’m appearing at and performing in that I wanted to keep you abreast of…

Thursday October 2nd

Sweet Sip Thursdays (Vancouver, BC)

(burlesque performances)


Sunday October 5th

Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver – Don’t Fear The Reaper (Vancouver, BC)

(burlesque performance and life modelling)


Wednesday October 8th

Projection Booth: American Mary (online, PST)

(Podcast with Jen and Sylvia Soska)


Friday October 10th

The Monster Bash (Victoria, BC)

(Burlesque performance)


Thursday October 23rd

Sweet Sip Thursdays (Vancouver, BC)

(Burlesque performance)


Friday October 24th

ABCs Of Death 2 screening @ The Rio Theatre (Vancouver, BC)

(Hosting, Q&A with Jen and Sylvia Soska)


Thursday October 30th

Heavy Hitting Horror Festival (Whistler, BC)

(Hosting, burlesque performance)


Friday October 31st

Madhause vs Glamour Trash @ The Hindenburg (Vancouver)

(Burlesque performance)

Happy Halloween everyone!



Little Miss Risk



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Little Miss Risk Tete Et Tentacle with Dread Central

You really hope and pray, as an artist, that when you do what you do that you have, if not the attention of the public, then at least that of your peers. Of late, I’ve been getting spoiled with both from either camp, but I’m flattered as hell that Dread Central was kind enough to want to interview me on these matters and give me a platform to discuss them.

So I’m very pleased that to post the link to Dread Central that makes me feel kind of rush I get only onstage, bereft of clothing, and holding an audience’s gaze. So thank you Scott and DC for the pleasure.

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