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Season Distractions

So last weekend the filming of American Mary drew to a close. It was bittersweet, since everyone has gotten tight on set and to know one another rather well. It was also a relief because now that filming was in … Continue reading

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Vancouver’s Horror Show

I’ve seen some things in the last month that would likely give most people chronic nightmares for the rest of their days. It pleases me that the people generating this thoughts are all women. Growing up, I recall a woman’s … Continue reading

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That Haunting Refrain

One of the qualities that I usually enjoy in films is when there is a melody that plays throughout the piece. Something that serves as an audio tie to bind the story together so that the viewer associates it with … Continue reading

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So It Begins…

Tomorrow’s the big day. After slinking onto set twice without actually being on the call sheet for the day, I finally gear up to shake my ta-tas for the cast and crew of American Mary. I have been busy haunting the … Continue reading

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