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My Cartoon Occult Education

I take a lot of things for granted. When I take the time to look back on my upbringing, and think fondly of the things that shaped my childhood, I often times wonder if without certain, shall we say, ‘influences’ … Continue reading

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  I’m pretty stoked that I manage to pull off a number of fetish shoots with the delightful Shimona Henry as I’ve done. I’m also pretty pleased that I’ve shot quite a bit of my own tentacle Hentai as I … Continue reading

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All The Rage

It was on the bus the other day I had a startling revelation. I was sitting across from a young lady who wore snakeskin-print leggings, a black short skirt, slouched leather boots with studded belts around both her ankles and … Continue reading

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Life Skills

You’ve had those days. The ones where you get anxiety because the mounting pressure of your life’s day-to-day threatens to overwhelm and engulf your life totally? I get those too. Normally I call them weekdays, but SOME people may just … Continue reading

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Doing The Ra-Ra-Ra-Raccoon!

Ages ago, when we used to tour together, ¬†our drum wizard, J.T. Massacre found me this little gem. Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows I have a mild, slightly deranged, obsession with raccoons. … Continue reading

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