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Mermaids Of Vancouver

I wrote a piece last year for Urban Pie in regards to a unicorn spotting in Vancouver. More to the point, it was in regards to how we miss things that are fantastical because we are plugged into our phones, … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Spectral Theatre’s LNDF: The Omega Complex/Dweller In The Dark

My liver has stopped whimpering since the last Spectral party I attended. Though I wasn’t the latest person to leave, I still managed to enter an alcoholic fugue as I do at these things. I’m happy to report that I … Continue reading

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Cooking With Sass

I love entertaining. While I’m aware that showgirl lifestyle often operates on a ‘Champagne tastes, Beer budget”, way I still hate to skimp on tasty opulence. Besides, it’s been proven time and again that over-processed foods are more often than … Continue reading

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Notorious Sounds: John Fryer Interview

For all of us from a certain generation, there will always be a point where we will clench our fists, look skywards and shout, “MORTAL COMBAT”! The soundtrack for the film, as well as Johnny Mnemonic and Se7en helped to … Continue reading

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This was from the day when I was naked, covered in Cheezies, naked on fur, then tied up and gagged for a shoot. The latter part I made poor Shimona panic because she thought I was choking on my ball … Continue reading

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