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Survival In The Cold Jungle

So every year about this time, which incidentally happens to be outdoor raver festival time, that is to say, summer, this happens… My dear friend CP (Crystal Precious to the rest of you and to most the Queen of Sass) … Continue reading

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Notorious Vancouver: Interview with Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier

It is often things which lie beneath that spur interest and imagination. In Vancouver, it’s the underground culture that helps us shake the ‘No Fun City” moniker. Like the city, it’s often what’s beneath the surface of our clothes that’s … Continue reading

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San Diego Comic Con and American Mary

Okay, I had totally meant to write about this some time ago, but now that the event has come and gone, I have a number of videos that I can use in the service of this blog. Wait, what’s this … Continue reading

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I’m A Killer When The Lights Go Out…

As with all things in life, some are better when they’re together: peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and champagne, steak and eggs, cock and latex and so on. It’s long since been a tradition of taking two things that are … Continue reading

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God Save Us From The Queen

An appeal to the House Of Windsor… Living in Canada, we are considered a large part of the British Commonwealth. While the notion of being ‘ruled’ and governed over by a monarchy based on winning the genetic lottery is passé, … Continue reading

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