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1313 Mockingbird Lane – Back From The Grave?

I don’t often go down this road but I’d like to point something out to the executives at NBC… give weird a chance. As often as I espouse the need for new, fresh creative ideas in film and television, and … Continue reading

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I Am The Gatekeeper.

The other night whilst I was working door for the Calexico show¬†at the Rickshaw Theatre, a place itself steeped in much DTES Vancouver lore, I amused myself by making up some haiku regarding my role. “I the guardian, keeper of … Continue reading

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The Connections.

I’m feeling troubled lately. Not just the usual troubled that happens when things in the media burst my bubble (and for the record, Alice Wong, I’m still going to call you out about that shark fin soup thing) but more … Continue reading

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You’ll often times hear me wax philosophical on matters such as spirit animals, soul-surfing, and spirit’s touch. Then, if I’ve been drinking, I’ll likely dismiss the whole affair as a lot of neo-pagan and hippie horseshit. But the fact remains … Continue reading

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That’s Fantastic!

… or I could title this blog “My Adventures In Austin”, but really, nothing could prep me for the other dimension that is Fantastic Fest. This was my first film festival outside of Vancouver (having attended Cinemurete and the Queer … Continue reading

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