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Okay, okay… so SOME people have accused me of not posting my shows around on the internet for easy perusal. However, given the high pressures of a double life, show girl’s lifestyle, occasional self-induced food poisoning, and prepping to leave … Continue reading

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Rum and Egg-Snog

So in the spirit of the Christmas season, I’ve fixed the problem I normally have at this time of year to singing carols. I just take a sacred favorite and change the words to suit my lifestyle choices. Perfect for … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

As a modern burlesque performer, I have often times taken my civil liberties for granted. It’s hardly shocking, but it does us good to remember from time to time where we’ve come from, where we are going,and that as artist … Continue reading

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Because the most interesting parts of our history lie in the origins of things: customs, myths, legends and words. Especially swear words. While some will argue that profanity is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers, let us look at where theres … Continue reading

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