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All The Glitters

One of the great equalizers of our planet and a trait that we all share this that everyone is a carbon-based life form. We are all are a high percentage of water, intercellular fluid, and plasma. We all require a … Continue reading

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That Ol’ Black Magic

Funny thing, adolescence. I’ve perfect faith that had I the ability to travel back in time and tell my fourteen-year-old self about all the shit that will happen to us up until my point, she’d hold my gaze with over-made … Continue reading

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Notorious Vancouver: Interview With Lu Lee et Perch

There are many folks who will tell you that Vancouver is a cold, unfriendly place. They might even say that it’s hard to feel welcome, and that it’s too expensive, and it rains too much and all other assorted nonsense … Continue reading

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The Sad-Ass Guide To Being A Woman

Vice Magazine’s music columnist, William Cody Watson¬†did a recent article titled ‘The Sad-Ass Guide To Being A Man’¬†(which you can read at Vice Magazine online here). It gave 24 alphabetical tips for guys of the Nintendo Generation (aka my contemporaries) … Continue reading

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A Canadian Raccoon In Middle Earth

For anyone who doesn’t know me well, hasn’t followed my Twitter/Facebook or what-have-you in the past few weeks, the above header will be very cryptic indeed. I’m fine with that, simply let it serve as the lesson that you need … Continue reading

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