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Attempted Murder

It’s my own damn fault. I shouldn’t have started feeding the damn things but now I can’t stop. It begun a year or two back, and now I spend as much on food for the wild ones that yell into … Continue reading

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American Mary’s Canadian Release!

Listen, when you do a major motion picture that’s your first major role, you can talk about it as much as you want. I’m on cloud nine right now… from the desks of the Twisted Twins headquarters, the details of … Continue reading

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I Have Tasted The Future Of Feminism. And It Tastes Like Apple Pie.

While both the video and track start off innocently enough, between the brandishing of wooden spoons, the fluffing of tutus, and the cheesecake smiles, the message of Crystal Precious’ video couldn’t be clearer: No pie for you. The first track … Continue reading

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Ghosts Of Gastown

You don’t get to choose what your talents are in this life. While some you can hone, exercise like a muscle and refine, there’s no denying that some people are just born with certain innate talents. Others have to tire … Continue reading

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