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Scars Are Stripes

“I’m not just writing to horrify, I’m writing to disturb, excite and subvert. Those functions are best served by the clearest possible views of the imagined scenes. I never cut to the shadows – never cut away the moment of … Continue reading

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Burlesque History Lessons: As It Was In The Beginning

We all start somewhere. When I started collecting vintage books on burlesque it was first as a gift from a friend. He was a ragpicker of vintage clothes and furniture, and had a keen eye for strange artifacts. Knowing that … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures

I sometimes do films. I sometimes do music videos. Beatrice, American Mary American Mary Trailer – 2012   Apple Pie Apple Pie, Crystal Precious feat. Sweet Soul Burlesque – 2012   Nurse, assistant to the Twisted Twins WIH Massive Blood … Continue reading

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Down In The Underground…

I’m well aware that young children should not play in drainpipes. And yet, even as a small child, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the siren song of a storm drain. It’s not really my fault; all childhood pointed … Continue reading

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From Montmartre to Mount Pleasant

Intro to 1971 Moulin Rouge Souviner programme: “ On October 6th 1889 a new thrill was created in Paris and the spectators making their way towards the Moulin Rouge, bearded men in top hats, pretty wasp-waisted women and girls in … Continue reading

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