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Those Crazy Victorians.

Not too long ago, I penned a piece for Huffington Post regarding how Vancouver condo owners are a special bunch. The catalyst for this being that an old heritage building that was something of a white elephant in real estate … Continue reading

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Read My Hips…

                                                      He had something to say to me… “I see you’re not wearing a … Continue reading

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Under and Above Groundlevel…

I find it mildly amusing that my fellow Canuck, Bryan Adams, released a song in 1991 titled ‘Waking Up The Neighbours’. Amusing because you would think that with a title like that Canadians would be likened to rowdy hockey-watching hosers, … Continue reading

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A Bedtime Story…

The dark has always has a romantic allure for me. As a teen I cut my fledgeling fangs on erotic horror fiction, lapping up the Poppy Z Brite and Anne Rice, who’s sensibilities dovetailed nicely with my adolescent goth angst. … Continue reading

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