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Opening Roads

Life without humour is hollow. I should be grateful, then, that mine is rich in so much of it. Humour with irony-ist leanings, if you will. Fifty shades of irony, give or take. Because of this, you find yourself in … Continue reading

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Notorious Vancouver: Gigi Saul Guerrero

So I’ve always got my eyeballs peeled for cool people and projects in my fair city of Vancouver. Terminal City is fast getting a reputation as a breeding ground for cinematic talent. Whether it’s a community that fosters this, the … Continue reading

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Daily Grindhouse: Sorority Babes At The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama

Been catching heat lately for my role as Yumi in the Twisted Twins’ ABCS Of Death 2 segment, ‘T Is For Torture Porn’. Evidently, being a tentacle rape monster is somehow beneath me. If I wasn’t such a lady, I’d … Continue reading

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October Sass

Ah, October. Without a doubt, my hands-down favourite time of the year. Not for the little joys of watching everyone take on my oeuvre with the spooky, nor the nail-biting drama that comes from the thrill of watching pedestrians narrowly … Continue reading

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