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Showgrrl Shiz – February 2016

In the immortal words of George Takai, ‘OH, myyyyy…’ it looks like February this year is short on days, but long on action. It would seem that what I felt to be slacking off in the South Pacific all of … Continue reading

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Women In Horror Month 7th Annual Massive Blood Drive PSA Anthology

Direct from the desk of the Twisted Twins… Hey there! It’s that time again. February 1st marks the commencement of, once again, Women In Horror Month, now in it’s 7th year. It’s a time to celebrate the outstanding achievements by feminists out there and … Continue reading

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Dark Comedy Productions: 80′s TV That I Feared…

Were the 80s scary to any other small children from that era? They were? Thank you, and goodnight. No, let me elaborate more on that… there were many things we saw in television and film that scared the crap out … Continue reading

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Forever The Queen…

If you ask anyone of any age to name a famous burlesque dancer, there is usually one name that passes any pair of lips. One of the original reigning (and remaining) Legends who still exist with us today is Tempest … Continue reading

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Notorious Vancouver: Russ Foxx

If your life is rich and fulfilling, then it is full of unique and varied individuals. Almost as long as I have been a performer in Vancouver, I have known Russ Foxx. He has been a driving current in the … Continue reading

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