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A Proud Tradition

Vancouver has a number of long, strange histories in our city. We’ve always had a large number of riots, we have since the first Europeans began their no-so-subtle nudging of the First Nations out and gripes about how the neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Being Little Miss Risk Documentary

A year ago, I was approached by a young film student who was keen to make a mini documentary on burlesque in Vancouver. I was in New Zealand when we begun our correspondence, and as we talked more, her focus … Continue reading

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FCB: New Artwork!

With the release of the trailer for Frankenstein Created Bikers out and about and loose on the Internet, with it has come people’s reactions. While no one has yet gotten the pitchforks and torches ready yet (thankfully) our horror family’s … Continue reading

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Fetish Factory: Valentine’s Day Ball

As I pen this, I’m sitting indoors, hiding my pale flesh from the sun’s UV rays. I was up before it, to have a dip in the pool. Being in Florida, and being a fan of Carl Hiassen, I had … Continue reading

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Frankenstien Create Bikers: Twitch Film Exclusive!

I’ve been waiting for this trailer for ages, and when it had it’s release at Days Of The Dead Atlanta, I had all of the FOMO. All of it. Every damn drop. Thankfully, Twitch Film released it online and WOW. … Continue reading

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