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The Caravan Rumbles Forth…

Hello there, lovers and sinners! The time has come again for me to take to the road. I’ll be a professional gypsy this summer, working the carnival, performing at three festivals, and a number of gigs in-between (and I think … Continue reading

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The Happy Dance

I was searching through EDM mixes the other day on YouTube. Like flavours for the North American palate, we’ve become obsessed with combining things together. Our tastebuds are so used to getting assaulted with chemical combos that now there is … Continue reading

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Making Mermaiding Memories

People have to take a minute to digest my words when I tell them I’m a mermaid. In the age of Millennial ‘I’m a unicorn/princess/snowflake’ it’s rather easy to take this with a grain of salt. However, far from a … Continue reading

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