Out For Blood

While it is longtime known that myself and a few women of my ilk have a taste for blood (in aesthetics, not for culinary purposes) come February the second month holds dear to us for good reason. February is Women In Horror recognition month, and to celebrate, the First Ladies Of Contemporary Horror (aka The Twisted Twins) hold a blood drive to celebrate. Not only wonderfully perverse minds of these two ladies produce some of the greatest work to haunt your nightmares, but they also want to give back to society.

But why blood?

Aside from the fact that every hot girl looks even hotter when topless and covered in blood, it’s also a precious resource. Why should you donate? Other than it’s good karma, Canadian Blood Services are always in need of donations. Everyone has someone who is close to them who at one point or another has needed blood donations. My grandfather was diagnosed at 87 with having malaria. Not shocking considering his love of world travel. But, as tough as Bill Risk is, at his age the half unit of blood he recieved helped him to fight off the adverse effects of the disease and make it though. Had this not been an option, he could have been facing complications, possibly fatal. Then I’d have been distraught with grief, gone on a rampage and bender and so on. Trust, me, I’d have found a way to have projected it that would have ended in me being locked in a rubber room with a fireman’s ear between my teeth. Not good.

So if you like beautiful women laying down and bleeding, or you want to race me to see who can fill a bag faster, please come out February 1st (this Wednesday) at 4pm where we will be donating blood at the Canadian Blood Service Center on Oak Street, 4750 Oak Street. Put the address in your Google Maps, follow the ambulances, and roll up your sleeves.

Don’t make me ask you twice. ;)


See? Would be nowhere NEAR as hot if there was no blood, right? Martin Lunatech took this back in Dollhouse Studios and immortalized this East Van moment of mayhem. I’m told that my bloody handprints are still on the ceiling to this day.

See you Wednesday.

Little Miss Risk

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