Serious Serial Killers Of Canada

The link I have clicked on recently sounds like the name of my next band: amateur porn cannibal. It’s not a band, but a bizarre story that reads like a grisly pulp tale. But as truth is often times stranger than fiction, I’ll give you the skinny: Luka Rocco Magnotta is accused of killing, fucking, eating, filming and mailing the remains to Canadian Liberal and Conservative parties. He has just been apprehended in Berlin, Germany. All accounts report he was quietly picked up by Berlin police and eventually admitted, “Okay, you got me.” While not all murders are as eloquent as the fictional Hannibal Lecter, it would seem we have something in the water up here above the forty-ninth parallel.

While Canada doesn’t have the reputation for general violence as the United States does, I feel with a few recent major events that have attracted international scrutiny, we may lose our status as fluffy little pot-smoking beaver huggers. Our strange serial killers have been around in Canadian history as long as we have been a sovereign nation, but in recent years, we have garnered scrutiny for the RCMP/VPD mishandling and reign of terror that Robert Pickton had over sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as well as the Cannibal Porn Star. However these are both things that are fairly new and don’t begin to shed a shaft of light on some of our strange and frightening killers that rival Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahlmer…

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo (aka ‘The Scarborough Rapist), a twisted pair of fucks, if ever there were one. Their three victims that they sexually tortured and murdered included Karla’s own sister, Tammy. I cannot begin to tell you what was wrong with this pair, but feel free to sleep well knowing that she copped a plea-bargain and is out now. Certainly makes you feel like wanting to know your sister/daughter/cousin’s whereabouts at all times. Paul Bernado remains in jail.

Clifford Robert Olsen: his name was synonymous with the ‘boogie man’ when I was growing up in Tsawwassen. His victims included two children and nine youths and was the unknown fear that parents first thought of when their children didn’t come home from school or a friend’s house for dinner on time. While this monster raped and killed children and teenagers, he died in prison, after a battle with cancer. Prior to his death he made strange claims that he had been granted clemency from the United States for providing them with information regarding the Sept/11 attacks. I know… like he couldn’t have gotten weirder… I don’t often wish people dead, but in this case… well, time got him in the end. But there was a time when going to Burns Bog was thought of to be certain death.

Gilbert Paul Jordan: The Alcohol Killer. Another horrific person who preyed on the women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, his victims were often disregarded and oftentimes referred to as prostitutes, though not all his victims were sex workers. His  modus operandi was to offer them drinks in downtown bars, and then invite them back to a hotel for sex (whether mutually agreed or paid for). once his victims passed out, he would pour vodka down their throats, causing alcohol poisoning. When the police investigated the deaths were written off since many of the victims were alcoholics. Jordan himself was drinking 50 oz. of vodka a day. While he wasn’t charged in all these deaths, the conviction that got him was for manslaughter. Jordan was the subject of the 1997 Canadian television program Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science in an episode called “Dead Drunk”, and Marie Clements wrote both stage and screen plays about the events involving Jordan and his victims.

Other notables include:

  • Wayne Boden: also known as “the Vampire Rapist” killed 4 women between 1968–1971; died in prison 2006
  • John Martin Crawford: convicted in 1996 for the murders of three women
  • Léopold Dion: also known as “Monster of Pont-Rouge”; raped and killed four young boys in 1960; murdered in 1972
  • William Patrick Fyfe: convicted of killing five women in Montreal; suspect in several other murders
  • Allan Legere: also known as “Monster of the Miramichi”; killer of five individuals
  • Peter Woodcock: murdered three children in 1956–1957 and a fellowpsychiatricinstitute patient in 1991

Perhaps the one that has caught my attention most recently however, is a serial killer in Alberta who has become a ghost story. 32 miles southwest of Cold Lake, Fort Kent is a small sleepy hamlet. However, it has a awful bloody history that few Canadians know about. I first heard of it mentioned on a program called Creepy Canada in the 90′s. However, this account reminded me of the story…

Britney Ridgers – Fort Kent, Alberta, Canada – June 18, 2009

“My husband and I recently moved to a new town about 10 kilometers outside of the town we lived in before. As we have moved around a lot, and lived in many different houses and cities, we have had very many encounters with the paranormal.(On my mother’s side of the family we are all Romanian gypsies, and most of the members in my family are mediums and have very special gifts. I happen to have such a gift as being a medium.) 

When I was a child I saw many things I could not explain, and most would scare the hell out of me. I would see spirits on a regular basis, and I have come to learn to live with this “gift” as most people call it. I did not see it as a gift, until my great grandmother explained to me our history, and many of my ancestors have the same gift, and other gifts as well. My most recent encounter was when we moved to a small town called Fort Kent, Alberta. It was our first night in our new home in the farm lands of Fort Kent. Our home was built in 1918, so it is very old, but also extremely gorgeous! I was getting my daughter ready for bed, and the upstairs window was open for the day as we were moving stuff into our home. I heard what sounded like wolves in the distance, but I was raised in the woods, and a pack of wolves didn’t sound like this. It sounded like a high-pitched screeching, mixed with children laughing loudly. As I walked out of the bathroom with my daughter, I looked into the woods of my backyard, just as I glanced I saw a tall, white-furred mammal. It wasn’t an animal, and it wasn’t a person, it was a mix in between a human and a dog. As scared as I was, I ran downstairs with my daughter in my arms, and I told my husband about it. He agreed that we should look up the history of the town in the archives at the Fort Kent Library the following day. 

The next day we didn’t unpack like normal people would do, we packed up our daughter and went to the village library to read up on the history of Fort Kent. And as it is written in the archives of the Town Back in 1920, A young doctor and his wife had moved to Fort Kent during the war From England. He started up an in-home practice to help the people of Fort Kent, since The Cold Lake Air Force and weapons base was only 20 minutes away. His practice was successful until a swarm of rats came into the town carrying a plague of small pox and infected half of the town with this plague. The Doctor treated these people but couldn’t do anymore as he knew they were going to die. The Doctor’s wife happened to get the plague as well, and when she died he locked himself in his house, not accepting any patients, and he built a shrine with his wife’s lifeless body. As the Indians of the area have warned people in this town about the spirit of the “Wendigo” which preys on weak souls, possesses them, and when such a thing possesses you, you tend to crave and eat the flesh of your own beings… humans. The doctor became insane, and the townsfolk didn’t know the doctor’s wife had passed away. The doctor slowly invited one person after another to his home, killed them, and ate them. Once the town’s people started to notice more and more people were going missing, they were suspecting. So the doctor went on a rampage on the town of Fort Kent. He killed and ate all but 11 people in 1921. He ate their flesh, and left a pile of bones. In 1921 it was recorded that 150 people had lived here, and no one had seen the doctor. It’s told that he ran off into the woods leaving everything in his home behind, and that he was possessed by the Wendigo. The townsfolk of Fort Kent say that you can hear him screeching with laughter at night in the woods. 

I told my neighbor of what I saw in the woods in my back yard and he told me that is the Spirit Wendigo you are seeing. My neighbor’s great grandmother and great grandfather lived here when the massacre had happened. They were part of the 11 people who were spared in 1921. His parents were born and raised out here, as well as he and his children. He tells his kids they have to be inside the house by 6 PM. As my farmer neighbor has told his kids in front of me, “You don’t want the spirit of the Wendigo coming for you when the dark comes, you best be gettin’ in the house and washin’ up for supper.” As he had advised to me, I should be getting indoors before the dark comes. 

I have studied the spirit of the Wendigo as much as I could to find out, what it looks like, and so forth, but as for it being a spirit.. I have been told that what I had seen in the woods that first night in my home, was the Spirit of the Wendigo. At night time when I am in bed, I still hear the Wendigo’s screeching laughter off into the woods.” 

So, it would appear that the cannibal angle is nothing new for us Canadians. While we do some pretty bizarre shit when we go off of the deep end, it seems that the penchant for eating our victims is a running theme. I’m not attempting to glamourize these horrific events or the people that carried them out. The last thing I want is to turn this little shit who terrorized a young man on video a celebrity. But what I would like to know is maybe what it is that wires us as Canadians, who are generally easy-going, pot-smoking beaver-hugging individuals, to go down such a dark path.

Nope, I’ll stick to making horror movies, where at the end of the day, my victims get up, get cleaned up and go home. What’s really scary is how much we as the public and the police, let this slide before we walk with the Wendigo.


Little Miss Risk

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  1. Annie Belle says:

    Amateur Porn Cannibal would make the best death metal band name ever.

    Creepy stories! Thanks for sharing…I remember there was a CSI episode (oh God I’ve just outed myself) inspired by Karla Homolka. Pretty terrifying.

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