Vancouver’s Horror Show

I’ve seen some things in the last month that would likely give most people chronic nightmares for the rest of their days. It pleases me that the people generating this thoughts are all women. Growing up, I recall a woman’s place in a horror film was to be terrorized, possibly violated before meeting a grisly death. Like the suffragette movement and the consequent following two Feminist waves, horror has it’s new female hero’s and thank god many of them are friends of mine in Vancouver.

First off, let me say that this is by no means an exhaustive list. This is a list of (what I feel) is the top-ranking women in the horror genre in Vancouver. If your reading this and you think, “hey, wait a minute, MY friend so-and-so isn’t mentioned here and she’s way more blah, blah, blah”. That’s great. I’m sure I’ll be inundated with messages after this asking questions in this vein. However, if you feel that strongly, write your own blog, this one is mine and my list. In alphabetical order, no less!

Bloody Betty

One of the original pioneers of the gorelesque scene. Screaming Chicken realized that this girl may not be traditional burlesque material when for their Slumber Party Massacre number as part of their B Movie Tribute show, she was already beaten and raped (by a tree) for her following Evil Dead number. Ever since, Bloody Betty has been terrorizing Vancouver and Victoria with her pack of demented dancers, The Deadly Sins. If Arkham was an actual physical place, the Sins would likely either be incarcerated in it or else use it as a dating service. Betty being the Alpha bitch keeps them in line and uses them for onstage antics. When you see Betty, she’s usually smeared in bloody, and it’s never her own.

Miss Gorey Rae

A Canadian horror host for two decades under her belt, she’s not one that you’ll confuse with Elvira or Vampira. This red headed demon writes for Absolute Underground, as well as hosts her own show The Gorey Hole: UNLIVE! Being in the game so long she may have made a few enemies that may or may not have had contracts take her out but if you care to discuss reanimation or autopsies at great length, she’ll give you a potential point of view you may not have appreciated. I’m also fairly sure when you see her drinking from her flask that it’s embalming fluid.

Little Miss Risk

Yes I put myself on my own list. Obviously, because I can. And my ego is better than yours. As well while your reading this, you’ll notice there’s a lot of newspaper on the floor.

You: Is that an axe?

Me: Why yes it is!

Moving on….

Spooksy DeLune

Halloween is fun, scary, and filled with sugar. And so is Vancouver’s Queen Of Halloween, Spooksy DeLune! This playful punk pixie is likely to wait til your drunk and jump out of the bushes and yell “BOO!”. Be warned though she might be swinging a bottle when she does it.

The Twisted Twins

My beloved Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia. I’ve only known them since October officially but we mutually stalked each other online for a year. I met them through seeing their first film, Dead Hooker In A Trunk and it went from there. Writers, directors, performers and producers, these girls wear ALL the hats. Eli Roth knows them. They have Todd Masters on speed dial. And they are also going to save the horror genre from itself.


Yup, no more running and cowering in the closet for us. The new breeds of horror female is more deranged than anything our predecessors could have dreamed up. When you go to sleep with the light on, you’ll be thinking of us. Your welcome.

Nighty nightmare,

Little Miss Risk

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