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Seaside Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery, and Vancouver has no shortage of her own. But far from the film noir mysteries of old, such as the still unsolved case of the ‘babes in the woods’ of Stanley Park or the hauntings … Continue reading

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What The Fuck

This is more or less a letter to my grandfather, whom I dearly love. Earlier this week, I was upset, and I expressed myself as I do when I am at home, with my lover, or at work, or with … Continue reading

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Set Your Pussy Free

WARNING: This post is NSFW, unless you work somewhere really cool. (But then, fuck it, that could be said for my whole site. Caveat emptar, bitches.) There are a lot of things I like about burlesque: the pro-feminist statement, the … Continue reading

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Learning To Fly

Being born on a┬áholiday, I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing special things for the occasion. Despite the fact that I was due on the 31st of October, I made my appearance (under protest to hear Mom tell it) … Continue reading

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ASSJam Episode 61….

My friends at the ASSJam podcast are awesome and sometimes do fun things with radio plays and monologs… if you care to hear my dulcet tones assaulting your ear holes, you can tune in and listen HERE…. XOXO Little Miss … Continue reading

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