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Q & A with Cult Projections

I admit there are times I get behind on messages and emails. It happens, and while I try not to let things get too far away from me, some days I get distracted by the here-and-now.  Serpents to be fed, … Continue reading

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Love Rituals. Love, Rituals.

We now draw to a close on 2014. Like a performer exiting the stage, she has a few final bows before she disappears completely to make way for 2015 in the Cabaret Of Life. But in the spirit of taking … Continue reading

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Getting Down, Down Under…

Prep is happening! Monster Pictures is bringing in some Canadian imports for Monster Fest in Melbourne soon! These exotic delights include the boys of Astron-6, the Twisted Twins, Jessica Cameron and… me. Read all about it HERE!

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September Sass

The dog days of summer are starting to fade, and the golden hour is happening a little earlier each night. With the summer winding down, I’m gearing up to get my gear off, and the trees will be doing the … Continue reading

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Eight Legs To Hold You…

A good friend of mine, Sylvia, is a dedicated spider enthusiast. Her collection of tarantulas is numbered at a lucky thirteen and all breeds are on the larger side of the spectrum. For most, I’m sure the ‘lucky’ in that … Continue reading

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