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Whip that look into shape!

Whip that look into shape!

Ah yes. I’ve seen this before… As Vancouver gets some sun, and it becomes warmer weather, two things will occur: Wreck Beach will become the full-tilt summer nudist cocktail party that we love it to be, and people will make poor fashion choices for summer fetish nights. Specifically, the fatal move of wearing the latex catsuit after a day at the beach and during a heatwave. I’ve been a regular to Vancouver’s Sin City for over a decade now, and there’s always a influx of fresh faces as more people discover the night, and a steady cast of regulars. Both groups will at some point make the same horrible mistakes in unwisely choosing their couture for the evening at some point…

While it’s usually fairly mild in Vancouver, we do get weather fluctuations that say, “it’s summer, get the SPF 45 and the beach towels” and conversely, also has weather that says, “you may want to take an umbrella before you leave the house”. Because of these two things, there is enough call not to wear a full PVC gown with hood in July (or full suit avec gasmask), or the leather codpiece (and nothing else) that is not always best for winter (unless your wearing rubber, but strictly in the gumboot sense). So, because of these things, I wanted to offer my services and observations to you about what may be seasonal-appropriate attire when attending a fetish night.

Fall/Winter Options.

Your spoiled for choice during these two seasons. They both lend themselves well to layers (bodysuit/stocking, corsets, boots, etc) and heavier more ‘fetish’ fabrics. Let’s have a walk through some of those and see what will keep you from getting icicles off of your fundementals. Rubber, PVC, Latex are all great options for winter fet wear. The three are a standard, and with as many talented designers who work with it, you’ll find yourself only really limited by imagination. And cost. Because as awesome as it is, this shit tends to not be inexpensive. Now I know this will ruffle a few PETA feathers (and yes, PETA people complain and tell me ruffling feathers is ‘cruel’. Eat me) but leather is the other go-to for this time of year. Yes, we would be sad to not have the leatherdaddies and their gents in our midst. However a unique argument I heard made for leatherwear for the fet set was that the wearer had an allergy to latex and leather was the only thing she could wear. A good argument as any, aside from the fact it’ll rankle the PETA folks, and that’s a good enough reason for me. All of the above are warm and will ensure you won’t die of exposure (heh) on that dash from the cab to the door. Let me be the one to make that error for us all: showing up in a g-string and pasties in the dead of winter as the Sugar Plum Faery may SEEM like a good idea in December… til you leave your house. Thus endth the lesson.

Spring/Summer Options.
Rubber: Don’t. Actually, that’s untrue and unfair. You have my complete endorsement to wear any of the more ‘winter’ materials in the hotter months, but please be aware, if your dancing in the heat, wearing latex… your going to get a little sweaty. Moreso if you took a funny little pill with a Pokemon on it. Which you didn’t get from me… What happens when we get sweaty in skin-tight non-breathable materials? First of all you’ll give off an odour that may ensure you go home solo, and you might wind up with a little heat rash. Either way, I feel we can do you better justice. While your still able to wear all the materials listed above, some good summer options are fishnet bodystockings, loinclothes, utilikilts (ahem), and failing all else, a g-string and trashy shoes. Don’t forget the shoes: details are important. This is a good time to work on a summer ‘fetish look’. Example: Lola Frost, wearing only strands and strands of gold beads and gold booty shorts. Yes, it’s an outfit and one that works in warm temperatures. Fetish specific? Not really, until you actually see her in it….

Other Dos and You-Might-Want-To-Reconsiders…

Do your hair and make up ladies.
 Seriously. You spent at least $400 on that outfit, but you have no make up, your sporting your granny glasses, and your hair is in a ponytail. I am happy to see the effort being made at the attire, but why just trip at the finishing line and not do anything above the neck? Okay, if your wearing a hood, fine. I’ll totally give you that – but even I wear lipstick under the hood. If your Vancouver local I recommend Monday Night Teasers for hair help out of East Vanity Parlour or Style Me Vintage with Lydia DeCarllo at Slickety Jims. We have resources people. Use them.

Axe Bodyspray will destroy your chances with the fairer sex…. I mean it. Remember how you spent $400 on your outfit? Trust me, it will eat through any fabric like acid. Give a wide berth to these people.

Sloppy Drunk? PVC/Rubber/Latex is your friend! Whether spilling your drinks or tossing your cookies after one too many, these lend themselves well to drunk ass disasters. Do not mistake leather for them in your alcoholic stupor. Or you might make a grave mistake when you go to woof.

I can’t do a thing with my hair. So you have hoods, wigs, and gas masks as appropriate cover up options. Too hot for these? Keep wetting your hair down in the bathroom. If you DID eat the pill with that Pokemon, it’ll feel pretty nifty. You also likely won’t care what you look like by that point.

It’s never too hot to wear a corset.

Never. Too. Hot.

Never. Too. Hot.

I hope you may have found this helpful and it enhances both your social and sex life. In the meantime lets be fetish couture forward. If your really stuck you can hire Haus Of Boudior to be your personal shoppers and stylists for all your fet wear needs.

Little Miss Risk

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