Diabolique: INNSMOUTH review

It’s a wonderful thing, this time we are living in now. There is rampant gender-bending, endless ways to self-identify sexual preferences, and more and more women are getting recognition on both sides of the camera. One such lady of note in my celluloid tribe is Izzy Lee. Writer, director, and all around sweetheart, her kindness and artistic vision is the plush layer that encases a spine of steel.

I’d worked with Izzy in December 2014 on our first short together, followed by a music video for the ‘Bring Us Your Women’ anthology. When she approached me with a female twist (and twisted) version of a Lovecraft classic, I jumped on it. As a fan of Lovecraft and Izzy both, she kindly incorporated something that I used to do to amuse myself, but immortalized it in film which worked as a storytelling device.

DIABOLIQUE Magazine recently reviewed INNSMOUTH. To read the review and find out what you might be missing, click HERE.

Alice Marsh welcomes you to Innsmouth.

Alice Marsh welcomes you to Innsmouth.

Catch it if you can, it’s out terrorizing the film festival circuit.

Little Miss Risk

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