It’s A Risk Double Creature Feature!



Happy Tentacle Tuesday lovers and sinners! It’s a double Risk feature next week in Kansas City! They are screening Harvest Lake by Scott Schirmer and short film INNSMOUTH by Izzy Lee at their next showcase Monday, April 4th.

It’s going to be a sexy night.

Poster design by the talented Erica Kauffman of Atomic Cotton. Love the design? You can order your own HERE

Can’t make it to the screening and hate leaving the comforts of your home? Want to see what all the flap is about and have a fear of crowds? Well, you can order your copy of HARVEST LAKE on limited edition blu-Ray HERE

Still not convinced? Well, HARVEST LAKE just screened at the Fright Night Film Festival and swept up numerous awards, including one for yours truly for Best Supporting Actress! Because, like a well-crafted bra, I give good support…


Till next time, lovers and sinners, from the set of Ayla…


Little Miss Risk






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