13 Question Marks: Horror

Last winter I did an interview with my dear friend  at Celluloid Sinner for his 13 Question Marks of Horror. He was kind enough to ask me about myself, burlesque and American Mary.

I wanted to repost here, and share.

(Hey, better late than never, riiiight?

sinful Tristan Risk



Clicky HERE for the answers you seek…



Little Miss Risk







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One Response to 13 Question Marks: Horror

  1. SilverBack says:

    I just wanted to say I came across your character in American Mary and after watching the movie numerous times I became a huge fan. As a result, I started doing some reading on all things Twisted Twins and Little Miss Risk.

    This article was a fantastic read. You are very articulate and highly intelligent, a horror fan, very diverse in your tastes as well as your intellectual interests, obviously a VERY hard worker, a fellow Scorpio, and you’re gorgeous.

    So, in a word, you’re perfect.

    You deserve the success you’re enjoying and, like Jen and Sylvia Soska said, you’re a superstar in waiting. Anything you’re in I’ll watch, regardless of genre.

    All the best, much success and enjoy your rise in stardom.

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