All The Rage

It was on the bus the other day I had a startling revelation. I was sitting across from a young lady who wore snakeskin-print leggings, a black short skirt, slouched leather boots with studded belts around both her ankles and waist. She also was rocking a bustier, and denim jacket. She wore feathers in her ears, and had one half of her head shaved. She looked rather pretty, playing on her iPad, and then it hit me: She’s not a hipster, she’s a decker.

So it looks like the RPG fashion has finally caught up to the rest of the world.  For those of you who may not be au fait with the term ‘decker’ it comes from the role-playing game Shadowrun, and describes the individual who has acquired a datajack in their temple to to access the 3D world of the Matrix. Most deckers shave the part of their head where their jack is implanted, thus imparting an oft-preceived punk look. They are usually not without some kind of keyboard or technological device on hand (much like an Apple product) that allows them to move more gracefully through this digital world. Or ignore people in coffee shops and on the bus. Witness:

Exhibit A: A human and elf decker. If you don’t already know about the metahumans, don’t ask. It gets convoluted. Note the early 90′s hipster steez to the left: bad jerry curls, Nenah Cherry ‘Buffalo Stance’ top, pre-ripped jeans, primary colours and unappealing footwear.

Our specimen on the right is rocking the East Van Gypsy-Hipster look. The keyboard cleverly conceals the money belt bought at an outdoor music festival and the appearance of a mullet also can also pass as feathered tribal earrings. Black skinny jeans tucked into boots, and tank top was bought on Etsy. Jacket was made by local designer and then embellished one night with more feathers and hand-tooled leather from Bali in a Ketamine-haze.

So, while these are just illustrations out of the Shadowrun manual, you could accuse me of being biased, as a former RPG-er and LARP-er. Stop laughing at me. I’ll write another blog post, in defence of why gamers make better lovers, but I won’t get into that now. Instead, I’ll let you peruse, under your steam, some of the strange, exotic hipster fashions that exist out there (not just on Main Street) and you can tell me if I’m crazy or not. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not. Witness:

Exhibit B – Street Carnage’s Street Boners! I’m not shitting you on this either, when I opened the front page for the Street Boners, the banner ad at the top was for World Of Warcraft. I couldn’t fabricate this kind of thing if I tried. Honest. I’m just not that creative. Either that, of I’m just that lucky.

I’d be totally lying if I told you that those Cyberpunk and Shadowrun books didn’t influence my fashion sense just a teeny-tiny bit. I’d also be lying if I said I still didn’t find some of those looks pretty awesome. And I would be lying still if I didn’t tell you I’m just a teeny bit mad at myself for not asking that girl where she got her sick boots from.

But then again, I looked better dressed as a rigger, anyways.

Little Miss Risk






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