And Now A Word From Sweet Soul Burlesque

Whew! Going to be a busy month. Fan Expo here in Vancity with my beloved Soska sisters, as well as our HUGE geek family all mucking in together for the weekend, shows, stripping, and more. Not to mention in May we’ve the USA premier of American Mary in theatres. I’m humbled and in awe of all these things coming together. Every time I stop and think, ‘Wow, my life’s pretty effin’ cherry,” something else crops up, and it’s cooler than it was five minutes before.

I’m lucky to have the extended tribe/family/coven I do. I really am. It’s been a weird journey and I feel some days that I’m leaning out of an aircraft carrier getting ready to jump. The adventure is about to begin and one that you choose yourself. And I look forward to dragging as many of my family, sinners, and loves along with me. If I am too busy blinking stars out of my eyes later, I’m going to say thank you now.

And now, some words of wisdom from one of my sasspots from heaven, Ms. Crystal Precious, who’s going to be performing Apple Pie live in Vegas with Sweet Soul Burlesque at BHoF as part of the ‘Movers Shakers and Innovators’ night. Seems an entirely appropriate title for so many people in my life.

I’d like to confess I’m still obsessed with burlesque
I’ve been working pretty hard since you seen me last
I passed the class to amass true believers in sass
I ain’t talkin’ about no uninspired titty flash

The cash will come but I ain’t one for money grabs
Not tanning or perfecting my abs
I’m still me, and forever CP 
And I’ll be killing it onstage like I’m meant to be

A little slice of advice for free
Not every player in this game’s got integrity
Had to take a step back, was beginning to crack
Had to reassess my means, a new plan of attack

Hold tight, and enjoy the ride
Got a Woodhead jam in the house tonight
Got Homebreakin Records in the house tonight
Got our West Coast fam in the house tonight
Got Sweet Soul sounds in the house tonight

It’s the way that we do, it’s the freedom inside
So invite your best friend, let go if you can
We’re going to gather here together and say

That’s why they call us all troupes 
Cause we’re fighting the fight
Trying to get some shit started 
Like we are tonight, alright?

Before I hit the stage I always got one thing to say
A shared love can be as simple as a DJ

A lotta times my saving grace is play

As think as far as playing goes we be doin’ ok

I never wanna lose my sense of pretend
Cuz that is how we will survive in the end
Ajd if you find yourself left with just yourself and your friends
You got everything ya need
We’ll be proving that next.


Little Miss Risk

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