Console Xplosion Intercast

I’m not gonna lie – as a gamer I’m usually either table top or LARP. I have played video games infrequently as an adult, and as a result I do not have the fighter pilot reflexes of most of my peers. However, I have a weakness for old school 8-bits, and Dark Stalkers. However, I’m interested in gaming as it’s a huge part of our modern pop culture.

Console Xplosion approached me about the intercast, and as not to look like an imposter who knows very little about the modern gaming world, I roped Burns into doing it with me. He’s hosted countless Smash Bros tournaments, can actually play the games, and he’s a shark at Settlers (tabletop, I know but he’s well rounded, what can I say?)

So if you are so inclined to watch it, you can check it out HERE.

And if you are looking carefully, and paying attention, you will notice the presence of the demon cat from Japan, which my own cat does not trust, but I enjoy the company of (thank you, Hiro!).

Hugs and hisses,
Little Miss Risk

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