Fetish Factory: Valentine’s Day Ball

As I pen this, I’m sitting indoors, hiding my pale flesh from the sun’s UV rays. I was up before it, to have a dip in the pool. Being in Florida, and being a fan of Carl Hiassen, I had a quick look to make sure there wasn’t any unplanned visitors (snakes, gators, used car salesmen). Sadly, there was no once-domesticated, now wild pythons in need of a cuddle, but there are a number of adorable otters at the FLAMINGO GARDENS who are part of the sanctuary. The otters are part of the reason for my being here. The other reason that I’m in Fort Lauderdale is to tease, shock, and (hopefully) delight the kinksters at FETISH FACTORY’s Valentine’s Day Ball!

Anyone who has been in the fetish game for any length of time knows that these cats are part of a cornerstone of fetish life, with events, fashion and community. To be able to perform for their crowd is an amazing opportunity. I’m so pleased to not only to meet the awesome folks of whom my Vancouver Sin City Fetish Night compatriots speak highly of. I have stripped for every imaginable charity and good cause, but I have a hard time finding another who’s interests dovetails so nicely with my newsfeed: attractive people in various states of undress and fetish dress ad cute animals.

Life goal: unlocked.


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