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Tempest Storm, photo via Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Tempest Storm, photo via Burlesque Hall Of Fame

If you ask anyone of any age to name a famous burlesque dancer, there is usually one name that passes any pair of lips. One of the original reigning (and remaining) Legends who still exist with us today is Tempest Storm. The fiery redhead has been the living embodiment of burlesque from the 1940s oil present, and no one can deny her glory.

Recently, there was a music video for the late Roy Orbison released. A legend himself, this track came off of his lost album, One Of The Lonely Ones, of which a music video was created with both himself and Tempest Storm. The melancholy and beautiful strains of his voice and guitar give a wonderful soundtrack to the visuals of Tempest Storm on the stage and evoke a beautiful bittersweet sentiment.

Program from BHOF 2007. It's been a minute since I was there...

Program from BHOF 2007. It’s been a minute since I was there…

I’ve only ever been to the Burlesque Hall Of Fame weekend once. It was back in 2007, just after I had been on tour in Europe with my band. I was home twelve hours from a month long tour before hopping back onto a plane and heading to Las Vegas with Sweet Soul Burlesque to perform our can-can on the Thursday night. The experience has never left me , the wonderful weekend of hanging out with my Glitter Tribe, and I’ve yet to manage to return back. One of the things that has stayed with me was not only meeting these Legends and sitting at their feet, listening to their stories of days gone by, their struggles and their glories, but seeing Tura Satana perform, and interviewing the amazing Tempest Storm.

I’ll be honest, I dislike saying her name in anything but it’s completion. Anything less feels to me as if I am being too casual or disrespectful. As a Legend, in my mind, her full title is the only way to address her, and anything less would be to take away from her glory, of which she deserves every drop.

The original posting where I saw this video was from Elmore Magazine. I’d like to direct you to it now, to read more about the production of this touching video, and to watch it there. You might want to have a few tissues handy, just in case you find your face suddenly a little more wetter than usual. It’s okay, it happens. It’s a pretty good sign of respect.




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