Fresh Out The Grave

It was just two years ago that Corinne and Alex from the Rio Theatre approached Bloody Betty and I about hosting a short zombie film festival/competition. It was christened ‘Dead On Film” and we got an amazing response. Now, our baby is a toddler and like all small children this age a complete and utter hellion, for which we’re grateful. This August our little hellcat is three years old.

When we first put out the call, we were thrilled at how many responses we got for submissions. Not just from Vancouver but all over the USA, Japan and so on. Not bad for a little independent art theatre in East Vancouver! So here were are in the third year, in the throes of the undead, about to crack open the coffin and put the call out again soon. With the coveted Zoscar in hand, Shimona Henry and I (with the help of MUA Marilys Blandin) shot some promotional shots for Dead On Film 2012. Enjoy.

Worth digging out of six feet of dirt for! The Zoscar is our golden statuette that is handed out every year to the winner of the competition along with a handful of other prizes (including cash). It’s made by a local Vancouver sculptor and is easily far more coveted than his distant Hollywood relative… You know the thing LA studios can’t buy – street cred.

I’ll be sure to post all the upcoming submission information so that any and all freaks can be alerted to it’s presence!


Little Miss Risk

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