From Dusk Til Con reviews Harvest Lake

There is a moment when as a performer in a film, when the reviews begin and all my high school anxieties come flooding back. Working on a film is akin to a having a child in my mind, the preproduction/pregnancy phase followed by the filming/birthing process and then the festival circuit/kid-buggers-off-to-college moments. When it begins it’s rounds with reviewers I find myself waiting nervously for feedback not unlike a parent watching their offspring toddle off to school the first day solo.

Will people be kind? Will my progeny get picked on? Will it play well with others? This is partly why I stick to making art instead of humans, lest I continue to transfer this (and my fear of the Northern Lights) to another being. But my nerves get a bit wracked when I read reviews. Especially when your kid/film is as weird as Harvest Lake.

So it’s with a great deal of relief when it finds someone who is not only kind to it, but also sees it for the unique snowflake you believe it yourself to be. Such is the case with the good folks at Dusk Til Con and their review of Harvest Lake. Here’s hoping that other people find this the case, also.


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