From The Vaults: Fear Or Good Motivation?

I just rediscovered my old RetroTease account. Mostly because I was the Featured Member, but I was pleased to discover that also inside was a whole whack of my old blogs I thought had been sent to a digital dumpster some time ago. So I figured I’d dig this gem out and share it with you on the New And Improved Little Miss Risk site. Also because I’m half between writing another new blog and finishing cleaning the house from under this giant burlesque bomb that seems to have detonated yesterday.


So I came across this some time ago and recently with our tour through the USA it came to surface in my mind again. Through the wonders of YouTube I was able to unearth it to share…

So the reason that it got pulled, as is my understanding, is that it promotes violence against women and plays on women’s fears. Now, speaking for the fairer sex, this is not something I’m scared of, but I wonder and put the question out there to other women, does this scare you or motivate you? Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre and watch Leatherface charging after those kids with that chainsaw. Now first of all it’s highly unlikely that a group of cannibalistic rednecks would prey on a group of travellers, but even more unlikely is that a big, overweight dude like Leatherface could steamroller those people AND be packing a gas powered chainsaw. Now THAT is just plain unrealistic and has no real basis in reality.

(Leatherface avec chainsaw: ultimate cardio workout.)

This ad, what with Halloween just around the corner is very appropriate, but also with my own personal circ***tances. As we tour the USA with all it’s disapperances, murders, and violence I’m usually pretty careful about where I choose to jog in the morning. But after watching this commercial, all I can think is given the average diet and lifestyle of most Americans, what the hell am I worried about? Even if they were lying in wait for me to happen by, the Lady Gaga and Pet Shop Boys leaking from my headphones didn’t scare them off, then there’s no way those clods could catch me either in speed or endurance.

(Honestly? Running away is the opposite of what I’d be doing if I saw this. Just saying’.)

C’mon Nike, don’t save us from fainting. Help us outrun the zombies and have the endurance to outlast the serial killers though Halloween and the rest of the year.



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