I Missed The Memo

At some point in the recent week, I seemed to have missed an important missive. I’m not sure if the rest of the world got it and I was too busy in my own little blood/glitter covered world to see it, but I have mounting evidence. I didn’t want to overreact, but it’s hard to ignore the facts: The whole damn world has gone fucking nuts.

Three points that I’d like to draw attention to that has made me at large notice this comes from my gym. All our treadmills face the wall, and rather than let patrons just stare at painted cinderblock, the management has kindly mounted a series of flatscreen televisions. As I usually work out in the morning, I like to catch the news, and set the televisions to BBC, CBC, and CNN so I can have the facts and a ridiculously sensationalized version of what happened. Like listening to three people tell the same version of events, you can more or less scrapbook together in your brain what ACTUALLY has happened.

The first event came from furthest afield. It wasn’t even a full feature on any of the programs, just something that zoomed along the news ticker at the bottom of the screen. : ‘Nigeria ‘Baby Factory’ suspect arrested’. That was it. No follow up, nothing. It was so odd, awful and random that of course, I got on the Internet to look this up for myself. What I found was the following: ‘The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested one woman for allegedly selling babies, after the rescue of 32 pregnant teenagers from a maternity home where they were being kept against their will in Abia State.’ I’m pretty sure the phrase ‘what the fucking fuck’ it totally appropriate in this context. The problem is, I’m having a tough time finding anything more – was it a way to help the teenagers who might have been raped? Was it an abortive adoption scam? Are they paying teenagers to carry babies for rich, bored barren American couples? Nope. It’s about as fucked up as you think it is. Because just when you don’t think news can get stranger… BAM the next news item you see is about Ariel Castro.

This has gotten an insane amount of coverage. For those not au fait with what’s happened, Mr. Castro kidnapped, raped, beat, tortured, and terrorized three women for a decade. The women, and one six year old girl are now free. But as this went down in a suburban Cleveland neighbourhood, the folks in the USA are pretty shocked. With most stories that happen in your backyard the shock is fairly palatable. When the women became pregnant after he raped them he’d beat and starve them in order to induce miscarriages. I’m not entirely certain what was going through his brain, though I’d love a chance to go through it myself (preferably with about 20,000 volts of electricity) but how can someone be so far removed from reality be so close to us and our neighbours, you ask?


This brings me to my next news story of the day. May 4th in the DTES of Vancouver, a man attacked two women separately, hours apart. Both victims fought back and the suspect fled. The suspect is described as white, between 20 – 30 years old, and 5’6 – 5’10 tall with a medium build. Surveillance footage with an image accompanies this from Vancouver police. Now the other two stories are horrific, but like all things that happen at a distance, nothing is more offensive than when this happens in your own backyard. I myself, walked home from Perch Friday night through that area. To have someone be so brazen pisses me off.

So since I missed the memo that the whole world is slowly going kind of crazy, I’m planning on sending this one out from Desk Of Risk: Watch your backs. I will not cotton to this kind of horse shit in my city. I catch you, I’ll pull out your spine so I can see how yellow it is. I’m sure every man out there right now is just as pissed at you too, because now every woman will look at him sideways, despite that the majority of guys aren’t out to rape anyone. Trust me, you’ve a lot more to fear from THOSE guys than you think…

Take care of each other people. These are the exceptions, and not the rule, but they are terrifying. But I’m not about ready to let the monsters win.

Little Miss Risk

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