Kitchen Shenanigans…

Some time ago, before I met the Twisted Twins face to face, they had emailed me asking if I was interested in being part of a cookbook. The premise was simple: women in horror coming together to put compile a book full of their favourite dishes and recipes. Like my love who has gone onto the Great Beyond, Vincent Price, the pairing of ‘horror genre’ and ‘foodie’ have longtime been strange and delicious bedfellows. Being something of a prideful cook and notorious baker (I may mention I’ve been trained by the great Watermelon) I was happy to join the ladies of horror in between the pages.

That was back in August.

I got the email telling me that the book has been published, and is available for purchase here:

From Crimson Lace Productions








Now here is the very juicy bit to sink your teeth into: the book is actually for philanthropist purposes.  Every book sold helps to benefit “Get Safe”, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as rape & domestic violence. As many are aware there was a time when horror films from the slasher sub-genre were frowned upon for their violence against women. With so many strong women represented today it’s part of our social consciousness to help people separate fact from fiction. To be fair though, lately there have been just as many dude on the knife ends as women, which is good as I believe in a level playing field and all…

In fact, if you’ve not already seen the good charitable works horror can do, an example of men on the receiving end of a blade, and two hot doppelgängers, then I suggest you take a look at the Twisted Twins blood drive PSA. Oh yeah, I’m in it too. *cough, cough*







Little Miss Risk

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