Love Rituals. Love, Rituals.

We now draw to a close on 2014. Like a performer exiting the stage, she has a few final bows before she disappears completely to make way for 2015 in the Cabaret Of Life. But in the spirit of taking a breath and a moment to pause on what felt like the past twelve months rush by me, I wanted to do my yearly ritual of reflection. I’m big into both these days, ritual and reflection. Given that I’ve a bad habit of getting so caught up in the moment, being present, I let these moments pass by, blink, and then they are afterthoughts, scattered in my brain like the flakes of glitter inside a tacky tourist snow globe. So it’s not until a year goes by that we stop, think back and go, ‘Holy shit, did that all really happen’?


I know I do. let me think on this a moment…

* Nominated for a Fangoria Golden Chainsaw

* Landed lead in Love Sick

* Got an agent, like an adult

* Was asked to voice a character, Miss Risk, based on me for the Chainsaw Sally Animated Series.

* Played Abigail Folger in the biopic House Of Manson

* Went to Berlin and shot for German Penthouse


* Shot Fetish Factory and Mindless back to back

* I did Crypticon Seattle with the Soskas and had a blast

* I did Vancouver FanExpo with the Rue Morgue crew, the Soskas and Kevvy

* Call Girl, Jill Sixx’s film with Laurence Harvey and myself got around the planet a LOT thanks to awesome word of mouth

* Was Penthouse Germany Pet Of The Month for June 2014 (and World Cup happened too, which was cool, I guess)

* Shot a pilot for Death Row Democracy, concept photos for Love Sick, and Save Yourself

* Calgary Horror Expo, which allowed me to do a drop-splits on the glass floor of the Calgary Tower.

* The Editor premiered at TIFF, and the Soskas and I attend Fantastic Fest in Austin for the premiere of the ABCS Of Death 2.


* I did the usual logjam of Halloween events including the Whistler Heavy Hitting Horror Fest, Sin City’s Halloween Fetish Night, and then up to Whitehorse for a one-night engagement…

* … the night before flying out to shoot two features back to back across the USA…

*… before flying to Australia for MonsterFest with Monster Pictures.

*Boston for a collab with the amazing Izzy Lee, then to Ireland to shoot Ground Floor with the Spadelion gents.


Suffice to say there are further nuances, shades of grey, and details that I’ve glossed over, but it’s not been a boring year. I’ve been grateful for all the new friendships I’ve made, experiences I’ve had, and the art I’ve gotten to participate in creating. I’ve always said that I strive to create moments now that will be the source of nostalgia for the next generation. There is so much happening in the mediums of art I express myself in, and I’m so proud to be caught in it’s thrall. I’m excited to be a contributor and more importantly, have an audience who appreciates what I do, and access to other’s art in this vein.

So as we kiss 2014 a fond farewell I’d like to offer some intentions for 2015: Remember to breathe and say thank you. Smile when you are stressed out. Be grateful when someone offers you help. Be gracious when asked for help. Express love to those you hold dear. Don’t second guess art. Fight banality, boredom, and complacency. They are the decay to the artistic mind. Your weapons are expression, storytelling, drive, desire. All these things will ensure your soul grows, and nurtures the imagination of the next generation of artists.

Love fiercely.

Happy 2015, lovers and sinners.


Little Miss Risk

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One Response to Love Rituals. Love, Rituals.

  1. Mama Fortuna says:

    Happy 2015, Risky. I can’t think of someone who deserves all her success more. All the love to you.

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