Moonlight NYE Gala 2013 – A Black And White Ball

It’s the time of year. I used to take year-round comfort in Dollhouse Studios and our parties. It was  safe place to be sassy, in this little Wonderland created by Sweet Soul and al our friends. A sparkly clubhouse that’s loss of presence is most definitely felt. However phoenixes and other wonderful things have a nifty habit of rising from ashes…. like this NYE. Ladies and gentlemen, from the desk and digital quill of Crystal Precious….

My dear darling Sasspots!!

Wow… it’s been a minute. Hard to believe what’s happened in the three years since we handed over our Dollhouse keys and stepped towards larger stages and nightclubs across this gorgeous piece of the planet.

Evolution makes way for nostalgia.

And with the end of this catapulting year we couldn’t resist. Like silent film, so innovative in its time, so perfect now for projecting along huge walls of sound. Amazing.

How about a secret cabaret and grand ballroom set as though on the moon? Dancing supernovas and starlit magic abound, all the while reverting to what can still remain safely underground. With more focus on atmosphere, vibe, decor, and drawing out friends and family… in a venue slightly removed from downtown’s madness.

Everything a circle. Everything in motion. This is our moon phase.

The tech-heavy edge of SHAH Events come together once again with the vintage showgrrls of Sweet Soul Burlesque to bring you deep bass homage to the past & future constant.

Sweet Soul Burlesque & SHAHdjs present:
Moonlight 2013- A NYE Black & White Ball.

Librarian- Max Ulis – Michael Red – Kir Mokum – J.F. Killah – Eradik
w/ live performances by Sweet Soul Burlesque & Mousai Entertainment
Sound by Application Audio / Visuals & Lighting by Sigma 1

STRICT DRESS CODE: Black, White and/or Silver

Secret venue. More radness refinement. More decor. More crew collaboration. More fabulousness. 


 Online tickets will be available Monday Dec 3rd at 10am on 

$30 for the first 100 tickets sold; $40 thereafter

Our NYE events have always sold out & we have offered a bit of a price-drop this year as our capacity is larger… so please, DON’T SLEEP ON BUYING TICKETS.

Check the blog for a direct ticket link Monday morning:


Physical tickets will be available WITHOUT SERVICE CHARGES at all Puff Locations & The Fall Tattoo / Gallery as well as the usual in-person SHAHdj ticket agents on Tuesday, December 4th.

Puff Pipes Locations:

3255 Main St
Neighbourhood: Riley Park

(604) 708-9804

1838 W 4th Ave
Neighbourhood: Kitsilano

(604) 739-0022

841 Granville Street (in with Chery Bomb)

Neighbourhood: Kitsilano

(604 684-7833

The Fall
644 Seymour Street  
Vancouver, BC 

Phone: (604) 676-3066

2013 – We regroup to dance in the morning moonlight… hope you can join us darlings.
kisses n’ lix n’ wiggly bitz,

Artwork by Jamie Abugov (Tusk)

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