Notorious Sounds: John Fryer Interview

For all of us from a certain generation, there will always be a point where we will clench our fists, look skywards and shout, “MORTAL COMBAT”! The soundtrack for the film, as well as Johnny Mnemonic and Se7en helped to shape many a cyberpunk adolescence, and for that we can thank Mr. John Fryer. The prolific musician and producer has had a very illustrious career in sculpting sounds spanning from ambient dreaminess of the Cocteau Twins and Depeche Mode to Nine Inch Nails and more recently Italy’s Dope Stars Inc. Not known for ever being idle, Mr.Fryer continues to weave new sounds he describes as “NOISE POP” that he will be bringing out with his band DarkDriveClinic. This will be part of the group’s US west coast tour, and the first time out of the studio to entertain crowds live. Despite the arsenal of electronics, however, don’t expect a stage show consisting of a microphone and a laptop… I was able to pinpoint Mr.Fryer to ask him a few questions, whilst I was all a-flutter…

Little Miss Risk: You have worked with a ridiculous amount of people that I admire and your musical manipulations shaped the better part of my life. Have you any major influences in your sound that you like to draw from?

John Fryer: My own stuff is a musical journey. I like to create the different soundscapes. While listening to the album from beginning to end, it takes you places. Soundtracks conjure up a feeling and I like the idea that the music is telling you a story.
LMR: Of all the people you’ve worked with, are there any particular people that you would enjoy teaming up with again in the future?
JF: I have a lot of people that I’ve worked with over the years I’d like to work with again. A lot of people, with many different sounds. Every artist has something unique to bring to the table.
LMR: You have done some amazing soundtrack work that was key in shaping the tone of the films – Se7en, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Clerks, but to name a few… Are there any other directors that you would want to collaborate on in the future with?
JF: Of course! I’d like a chance to work with Micheal Mann (Last of The Mohican’s, Heat), Ridley Scott (Bladerunner, Prometheus) and David Lynch.
LMR: I can imagine your sensibilities between you and Mr. Lynch would dovetail nicely together. Have you come to Vancouver before?
JF: I have. I was up in Vancouver, working out of Mushroom Studios on Moev for Nettwerk. I recall the studio had a great big picture windows that overlooked the mountains.
LMR:  What did you enjoy the most while you were in town?
JF: The day I left Vancouver, I had been up the mountain skiing and by evening I was on the beach after in L.A. It was interesting to go from the one to the other in a day.
LMR: What can people expect about the upcoming tour from DarkDriveClinic?
JF: Well, we’ve surprised people when we’ve come into the venues with a full band and instruments. I think most people expect us to just show up with a bunch of pre-programmed synths on a laptop. But I wrote the album in the studio with the intention of playing it live. This west coast tour is meant to showcase that and prove the live quality of the songs being played. We just recently played at the WGT Festival in Leipzig, Germany.
LMR: Is there any follow-ups to the current album?
JF: Yes. Our second album is being written. People can expect more of the same, but bigger, badder, and better. It’ll will help with the world domination. We just aim to take over the west coast first and then the rest of the world.
To see their video for ‘Silhouettes’ please clickety-click here
Tour dates for DarkDriveClinc’s West Coast Tour can be seen here:

June 10 Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz, CA)
June 12 High Dive (Seattle, WA)
June 13 Lovecraft (Portland, OR) **John Fryer DJ Set only**
June 14 Star Theater (Portland, OR)
June 15 Monarch (San Francisco, CA)
** a John Fryer DJ set follows at Cat Club after the show
June 16 Bar Sinister (Los Angeles, CA)

And check for upcoming news and tour 

You can also follow them on Twitter at @DarkDriveClinic

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