Pin Up Calendars – With An Altruistic Agenda….



For those of you who follow me on either Twitter or Facebook, you may recall some time ago I had a slight problem with a local Vancouver woman who pens for a feminist blog. She used a photo of myself and my friend CR Avery to illustrate how he was exploiting women in general and me in particular for an blog about how much she hated burlesque. To each their own. My ire came from her using that image as a thumbnail to lure people to click onto the site, where she earns money from advertisers. She failed to see the irony that she was, in fact, exploiting me in the same way she claimed CR was, and also to take the photo down from repeated requests by me, the photographer, and the person who paid for the image, Rio Theatre owner Corrine Lea.

This leads me to discuss the topic of feminism and choice. I don’t like this woman for attacking my chosen method of art form and lifestyle. However, I defend her right to her own opinion. That’s the whole point of feminism is supporting the choices of our fellow females and not saying that someone is wrong, ignorant, or condescend to them for those choices. So rather than drag this particular person through the mud (unless she’d like to settle this via mud wrestling, for which I am game) then I offer something else…

The unification of women to help other women.

We are blessed in Vancouver with many driven, talented and awesome female entrepreneurs. There is a particularly high concentration of them in my circle, and it was through Danni Tatarin, the genus behind The Keefer Bar, Sweet Soul Burlesque, East Vanity Parlour, Pin Up Perfection Photography and Lace Embrace Atelier that something wonderful was imagined… a 2014 Pin Up Calendar. Combining the large reserve of local talent to come together to create this calendar in order to give back to the women in our city who’ve not been as lucky, experienced some setbacks in life, and who need some love. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter.

So rather than picking each other apart for choices that others have made, we’d rather bring the focus to helping and enabling those that need our support. So we’re pleased to announce that the calendar is of sale at the following:

Our Fabulous 2014 Pin-Up Calendar is NOW AVAILABLE IN STORES & ONLINE!

Only $15 for 15 months of SASS!
100% of PROCEEDS to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

Direct purchase link:

All Puff Locations (Main, West 4th, Granville St, Commercial* <–new!)
East Vanity Parlour
Lace Embrace Atelier
Scout Boutique
The Rio Theatre
Vancouver Burlesque Centre
The Keefer Bar!

Many thanks again to The Keefer, Pin-up Perfection PhotographyEast Vanity Studios, Lace Embrace & all our generous sponsors!

GET ‘EM WHILE THEY LAST & HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Sweet Sip Thursdays – Sweet Soul Burlesque at The Keefer!

And let’s build bridges, not burn them.

Muchas smoochas,

Little Miss Risk



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6 Responses to Pin Up Calendars – With An Altruistic Agenda….

  1. SilverBack says:

    Has there been any talk of autographed versions? I know I would pay extra for one signed by you.

    Just a thought….

  2. SilverBack says:

    That would make my year. As a matter of fact I told the missus this is the only thing I want for Christmas. Please let me know when they’re available online (I looked at the link provided but didn’t see an link to buy.)

    You. Are. Awesome.

  3. JUDITH STEIN says:

    well done my chickies….proud of you all xx mama

  4. SilverBack says:

    On the Sweet Soul Burlesque website, if I click on Paypal does that pay for a calendar or tickets to the show? As much ad I’d love to attend in person, I am a couple thousand miles away, and I have spinal fusion surgery this coming Tuesday.

    Thank you so much.

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