Playing Catch Up…

If blogs could get covered in digital dust, I’d be running a finger over my own and coming away with a thick coating. I admit, I’ve been slacking of late (and by ‘slacking’ I mean I’ve been exceptionally busy – even for me) so blogs have fallen by the wayside. As they do this time of year.

I do want to update with a few new reviews, some anecdotes about this summer past (Bass Coast, Shambhala, general hijinx), the more recent trip to Austin and Fantastic Fest, and as always photos.

Autumn being a time of change, seasonal shifts, and shedding of old skins, I’m planning on ¬†writing something for everyone this week when things have calmed a little. There have been some major life changes in my world, which I’m welcoming and I’m excited to share them,

And no, I’m not knocked up. Thanks for asking.

However, tonight is a full moon, and I’m going to send out a howl from my place on the Kitty Nights stage at the Biltmore. I know I’ll hear resounding howls from fellow members of my girl-gang, the WereCunts. We’re so named for how our menstral cycles all match up to the full lunar cycle, thereby endowing our uteruses with lycanthrope qualities. When I howl, I’ll get a call back from deep in East Van from Crystal Precious, working on her upcoming album. From Spooksy DeLune and Darla Devine who are punk rock beauty ninjas. Another from the crowd where Villany Loveless is prowling… I know there are more like us, and every time the full moon winks her lunar eye over the city inciting madness, our little tribe of werewolf women grows. I’m comfortable with that thought.

Howls and growls,

Little Miss Risk

PS See you at the Biltmore tonight for Kitty Nights!

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