Pucker Up.

I said, ‘pucker’. But nevertheless, I DID make you look, degenerates.

I had mentioned last week that I would be compiling a list of my favourite places to kiss in Vancouver. I like to kiss, a lot, and many different ways. I pride myself of being something of a ‘make-out anthropologist’ and I am a confirmed ‘Vancouver-ophile’. So it’s little wonder with the approach of Valentine’s Day that I would want to see more people in lip locks around our city. A kiss in one of the most beautiful things to see (as well as participate in) and as our city is known for it’s natural splendour, I think more people kissing would serve to heighten it. As a smooch-enthusiast, this is a topic where I have been doing research to bring you some of my favourite locations for make-out stake-outs, and to share a few new spots. Keep in mind I’ve been doing the research since high school and it’s an ongoing study. This is by no means an exhaustive list; this is just a few top ten places to lick and lock lips.

Top Favourite Places To Kiss On A Date (this is the list of places that fall between ’1st date’ and ‘in a relationship’. Best for light and flirty. Make out alert green for getting started)

10. Vancouver Seawall. The 8.8km Stanley Park section of Vancouver’s seawall is one of our popular tourist spots and sees and average of 8 million visitors per year according to Vancouver Parks Board website. I can tell you it’s about double that in the summer, or at least it seems to be in the summertime, when anyone who has tried to ride a bike and deal with pedestrian overspill has found out. There are plenty of great spots to kiss on this route, but some of my favourites are by the 9PM cannon (which can be fun if well-timed), outside of the Vancouver Aquarium, and under the Lion’s Gate Bridge. All are surrounded by lush trees, and serve purpose for anything from a stolen kiss on the cheek, fingers tentatively curled and interwoven, or being thrown up against a rock wall. But let’s take it back to civilization in the city, shall we?






9. Gastown. Sorry, I am able to easily overlook all the tourist tat of this end of town because I like it. There are a few different places here I’d recommend that run the gamut from safe and cozy to slightly dangerous depending on your sense of adventure. Two safe favourites of mine are The Old Spagetti Factory and Steamworks Pub. Overdone? Not often by locals. Besides, being that this is MY blog I’m writing about places I like, but I’ll tell you why I dig both these spots. The OSF Gastown was opened in 1970 and is housed in a old warehouse. If you have been following this blog, you’ll know that it puts it in the heart of “Old Town” from when Vancouver’s downtown focal point was Main and Hastings. It’s a fun place to eat cheap and hold hands. Steamworks has a great view of Coal Harbour, a decent wine menu and a curved banister to the lower level. When riding this down (when no staff are looking) I enjoy bumping my ass at the end then trying to get my date to kiss it better. This (cheap) ploy usually works.







8. Guilt and Company. At 1 Alexander underneath Chill Winston,  it has all the fixings for a good first date. Or a good 25th date. It’s just an all around good choice for a night out. Whereas I enjoy ‘strip Jenga’ you may want to consider little pecks to celebrate your victories versus getting down. But the boardgames, atmosphere and cocktails make it a good way to show your date you know what’s up and where to go for a good time. We all know board games are more fun than head games. I also recommend Tuesdays as there is ALWAYS a live show of sorts and then if the date is going awkwardly you can sit and stare at the stage and still give the impression your being polite. But that likely won’t be nessary.







7. Save-On-Meats, Lucy’s Eastside Diner, The Rumpus Room. All good casual places to have a quick milkshake-infused kiss or share a bite off of plates. All are reasonably priced, fun to go to, Vancouver institutions AND owned by local entrepreneurs. Win, win, win. Making out = good. Making out with a socio-economic consciousness = panty dropper.








7. The Keefer Bar. In the 40′s in Vancouver, lots of white folks were warned of the “Yellow Danger” of our Chinatown while also having it’s “exotic and intoxicating” side touted as a nightlife destination. Horrible racial stereotypes aside, Keefer Bar is the old BC coal and power building belonging to the power commission that was later replaced by BC Hydro. Now it’s a medical-themed drinking establishment where designer cocktails are order of the day. Back room is ideal make out conditions. Thursday nights are Sweet Sip Thursdays with burlesque sets at 10PM, 11PM and midnight. Highly encouraged. It’s dim lighting and seductive cocktails suggest that the party may be getting started, it may well end in someone’s bed. I figured d I’d give you all fair warning.

6. Granville Island. There is a perfect spot, right under the Granville Bridge where there is a garden. It’s be a boardwalk by the entrance to Sandbar and has a wonderful lush, secret garden atmosphere to it. If you can ignore the drunk cougars who are coming and going out of the bar, this is a wonderful place to kiss.

5. Back north-east wall, second floor, Club 23 West. There’s a fetish night going on? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. I was lost in your eyes, deaf to the thump of the music, and thinking of things other than floggers and handcuffs. Or was I?

4. On the Burrard Bridge, facing North. Who cares that this awesome Art Deco bridge was built to obscure the industrial park view of old Granville Island from the British Properties peeps? I’m intent on making the view more awesome by kissing on the bridge.

3. In the Marine Building elevator. The have elevator operators. That stand facing one way. Go on, you know you want to sneak a kiss. Do it.

2. Backstage/Balcony at the Rio Theatre. Convient, home grown, and perfect before taking the stage, or watching a movie. Seats boast flip-up arms and are made to accommodate for snuggles.

1. Close Your Eyes. There, perfect. Now it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as the person your kissing is awesome.

A few final thoughts… While this is not an exhaustive list, and I am always on the hunt for good make out spots, these are just some of my favourites. I will leave you with the following tips to get the most out of what can be great, and I hope that you have achy lips by the end.

PDAs: as much as a kiss here and there is lovely, no dry-hump sessions or face licking in public places such as bars and resteraunts. Not cool. If your that amorous find a more discreet spot to continue the hot and heavy. No one wants to look over and see someone getting a hand job where they play Jenga.

Yes Or No? Not all kisses, make outs, etc need to end in intercourse. Great as a lead up but making out is like the stage…. it’s always good to leave them wanting more. And more. And more…

Sense Of Adventure. Please have one. But don’t do anything that will get you killed or result in serious injury. Broken bones aren’t sexy.

Okay, your off to the races. I want to see way more folks making out in public. The weather is on the upswing, now let’s make the most of it. Go!


Little Miss Risk


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4 Responses to Pucker Up.

  1. Excellent article and list Tristan. Hope your enjoying the new website. I’ll get the gallery going soon as I return to Vancouver.

  2. Nicky Ninedoors says:

    Grear list!

    Regarding Guilt and Co- Feb 14th happens to be the live jazz and burlesque Tuesday with Pandora and The Locksmiths- a great place to kiss while smokin jazz and smokin hot ladies unite on stage!

  3. Nicky Ninedoors says:

    Way to go, iPhone. Way to let me type “grear”. Sigh.

  4. Anthony Mark says:

    what a great list!
    I wish I was there

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