Rum and Egg-Snog

So in the spirit of the Christmas season, I’ve fixed the problem I normally have at this time of year to singing carols. I just take a sacred favorite and change the words to suit my lifestyle choices. Perfect for door-to-door strip carolling.

These G-Strings

(sung to the tune of “We Three Kings”)

These g-strings of raciness are,
covered with my sparkly art!
Kind of whorey, but not boring.
Certain to make the crowd go RAWR!


O Swarovski crystals, small and bright -
Hope the glue will hold you tight.
Running low, but I’ve got a show -
Looks good in the spotlight.

Okay, now add a verse of your own now.

My reindeer games, ‘Risky Reindeer’ by Adrian Syrja.

Seasons beatings,
Little Miss Risk

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