San Diego Comic Con and American Mary

Okay, I had totally meant to write about this some time ago, but now that the event has come and gone, I have a number of videos that I can use in the service of this blog. Wait, what’s this blog about, you ask? It’s simple: This is all about the presence of American Mary, The Twisted Twins and Masters FX at 2012 San Diego Comic Con. If your not a gamer, geek, fan, cosplay enthusiast, comic lover/artist/writer/publisher etc, then you may not know, but SDCC is the largest gathering of comic culture on the planet. People spend all year planning their outfits for the four day event – for real. Some may scoff, but anyone who does a regular pilgrimage to a fetish event (Torture Garden, Rubber Ball) or music/arts festival (Bass Coast, Shambhala, Burning Man) will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It’s a gathering of like minds, a celebration of fan culture and a chance to interact with the creators of our enthusiasms. It’s the purest form of symbiotic celebrity: the artists/writers cannot exist without the fans, and the fans appreciate and hold dear these people’s art and forms of expression. It’s pretty awesome.

So that brings me to this point: my dear friends, The Twisted Twins (Jen and Sylvia Soska to those of familiar nature) were making the voyage down, and had the exciting news of being able to host a panel talking about American Mary with Ruby Realgirl (aka Paula Lindberg) and the maestro behind making the magic, Todd Masters of Master FX. What’s so wonderful about this is that it was a chance to directly address the people who would be most likely to be interested in American Mary and share with them a glimpse of the film. Being that the panel happened the first day of SDCC, they were getting people who were fresh before panel-burnout had occurred or costume chaffing had set in too deeply.

To watch the video of their first part of the panel, just click this sentence… Poof!

See? Almost as good as being there. Almost.

One of the other things that utterly floored me, and demonstrated how incredibly generous they are was that they offered me a chance to do a video segment to address the crowd. However due to technical difficulties, it wasn’t able to be shown at the panel, but we still posted that shit anyways… Some days I feel I need to have at least three tech rats on speed dial. Nevertheless, they KNEW how much that meant to me to get the chance to speak to the Comic Con folks. I had tried to describe to one of my hetero-lifemates, Crystal Precious, the significance of this. I explained to her that being able to do this at SDCC was the equivalent of her being able to throw down a sick set in a prime slot at Burning Man. She understood.

*NOTE: In this video segment was filmed in my bathroom, at Haus Of Boudior, drinking champagne and wearing a latex mermaid tail from Deadly Couture at 10AM. Because sometimes you have to be that awesome if you can’t be at SDCC in person. You have to represent.

So while my heart was trying not to pop from all the love and excitement and toe-curling, on Thursday night in the basement of the Keefer Bar during Sweet Soul’s weekly burlesque show, somewhere on the internet, those sneaky, wonderful ladies released a seed. When I say ‘seed’ I mean ‘trailer’, which was for American Mary. This is the first official trailer for the film, and I’m so damn excited to post it here for you to see.

We’re coming up to our almost one-year anniversary of when I met these ladies in person. Right now, it’s at nine months, which is the gestation period for humans and strange events. I’m looking forward to helping midwife on this bizarre little baby and helping her grow with her extended family. I’m hoping everyone else looks forward to her advent as well. Circle the calendars, because ready or not, whatever may come after, I’ll never forget the magic that this summer has been so far.


Little Miss Risk

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