Okay, okay… so SOME people have accused me of not posting my shows around on the internet for easy perusal. However, given the high pressures of a double life, show girl’s lifestyle, occasional self-induced food poisoning, and prepping to leave town for a month doesn’t leave me with tons of spare time. However, until I blow town, here are the dates, the when and the where I’ll be gracing the stages in Vancity:


Kitty Nights Cabaret @ The Biltmore

Doors 8PM, show 9PM


Black Christmas @ The Rio Theatre, cohosting with the Twisted Twins


Sweet Sip Thursdays @ The Keefer Bar

Doors at 8PM, sets at 9PM/10PM/11PM


Keefer Bar NYE/ Sweet Soul Secret NYE party


Getting all seasonal and stuff – photo by Shimona Henry

Want more of the good news? Now, we turn to the desk (or website) of Ms. Crystal Precious who will give you the scoop…

Holiday Greetings Sasspots!

Sending you good vibes, tons of love and SASSY, mischevious, good natured fun this holiday. (Actually that reminds me, I gotta remember to make my traditional CP mistletoe fishing rod so I can run around with it to unsuspecting hotcakes. Heh heh heh).

So we have some VERY exciting announcements to make and wanted to make sure the fam all knows first. It’s been quite a transformative year for many people, and the world in general it seems. Change is afoot, and sass levels are turning UP. Aside from our weekly Sweet Sip Thursday at The Keefer Bar (still going every Thursday now 2 years running!) here’s a little catch-up on what’s been shifting and developing in the land of Sweet Soul.


What are you doing for New Year’s? How about a secret cabaret and grand ballroom set as though on the moon? Dancing supernovas, starlit magic abound & crisp, clear sound… all the while reverting to what can still remain safely underground. Evolution makes way for nostalgia. ??The vintage showgrrls ofSweet Soul Burlesque come together with the tech-heavy edge of SHAH Eventscome together once again with to bring you deep bass homage to the past & future constant. ??Moonlight – A NYE Black & White Ball
All details, line-up & ticket information here:
STRICT DRESS CODE: Black, white or silver
Tickets are selling fast for this, so get ‘em soon.

If late night vibes are not your thing but fabulous cocktails & soiree fantasiesare, we will also be appearing earlier in the evening at our resident Keefer bar for a Narnia themed extravaganza!

Tickets and detes can be found on the Keefer Bar event page here:
or on Facebook here:

SWEET SOUL BURLESQUE’S 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & Crystal Precious’ “Apple Pie” Music Video Release Party!!!
Saturday Feb 2nd 2013 @ THE RIO THEATRE

Can you even believe it??? It’s been 10 – count ‘em – TEN years since our very first burlesque event at Babalong Studios in February of 2003. (Whoa). Since then we’ve hosted over 100 events, co-founded a festival, built an underground venue and been nominated for World’s Best Troupe by Burlesque Hall of Fame, all while terrorizing audiences everywhere from Acupulco to Whitehorse. Before we launch into our next phase, we feel that its warranted for us to take a moment and take a stroll down memory lane (that special, special lane…. covered in glitter and empty whiskey bottles. ;)

This will be a red carpet, full fledged gala event — a veritable family reunion as we celebrate our friends, family & supporters. The show will feature our best and/or favorite pieces, group numbers and special musical guests as well as a compilation of on-screen highlights taken from 10 years of Sweet Soul shows & parties. You won’t want to miss this. Trust me.

Then – at the end of the evening we will premiere Sweet Soul Burlesque’s top-secret, never-before-seen video for “Apple Pie”., the first single off Crystal Precious’ upcoming album release this spring. This will be a special sneak preview for our friends and family ONLY – twelve days before it makes its full internet launch on February 14 Valentine’s Day.

Full promo and ticket information will be released in early January.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Feb 2nd at the Rio.


It’s been just over a year since turbo sassdance superstars Cherry OnTop and Lola Frost joined forces with a gorgeous burlesque dance studio and community resource hub. The Vancouver Burlesque Society is located only a few blocks from the old Dollhouse on 6th and offers a solid selection of modern & fun sexy activities (Burlesque Movement, Hips n’ Heels, Tropical Punch Booty Shake, etc). Annual memberships are just $1 and enable you to be a part of these VBC sponsored activities including special community-building social events. The vibe is inclusive, open, body-positive and rad.

The purposes of the Society are:

a. To facilitate the quest for personal growth and enlightenment through the burlesque arts.
b. To promote the art of burlesque as a socially acceptable medium for expression and self-exploration.
c. To maintain a space where society members may share skills and ideas in a nurturing and positive atmosphere.

Check this video for an idea of what’s happening down therrrrr:

We’re very proud of our naughty little raccoon Little Miss [Tristan] Risk, who co-stars in one of the most anticipated horror movies in years. The brilliant brainchild of Vancouver-based sisters Sylvia & Jen Soska (tWisted tWins Productions), American Mary is a fictional story that centres around the very real and very horrifying black-market plastic surgery culture. The feminist-driven, intelligent and shockingly graphic work has garnered rave reviews at Cannes, Venice & several other prestigious film festivals. January 2013 will see its worldwide theatre release in Canada, US, Australia and Europe. This is a huge break for our Tristan and we’re all super proud of her.
Here’s a link to the trailer (warning: it is freaky & there’s blood in the trailer).

And now… our biggest and most exciting piece of news! Announcing SWEET SOUL’S NEWEST MEMBER….

We are EXTREMELY pleased to announce a very special new addition to the Sweet Soul family. Our very own Cara Milk is expecting a little baby girl!!! Yups! The little sasspea will be joining us in May and we are so excited and filled with happiness around this fantastic and timely addition to our beautiful community. Cara is supremely happy and is very much looking forward to being surrounding by friends and family during this amazing journey into motherhood (and – let’s be honest – MILFdom). She’ll be performing on NYE so please by all means, come and say hello!


Alright Sasspots. That’s our current update. Stay tuned in Jan / Feb for more information about the Anniversary show, album release, and new VBC classes. And as always, come by & check out our fabulous weekly cabaret at the Keefer, every Thursday evening. We’d love to see you.
Wishing you all a very joy-filled, fabulous and beautiful holiday.
With love from all our hot-pink hearts,
CP, Cara, Cherry, Rita, Tristan and Lola


All the gang’s here. Taken at ghetto mall…



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