Scars Are Stripes

“I’m not just writing to horrify, I’m writing to disturb, excite and subvert. Those functions are best served by the clearest possible views of the imagined scenes. I never cut to the shadows – never cut away the moment of maximum revelation. What is revealed can be a moment of transcendence or disgust or self-comprehension or all three. It can be erotic, it can be funny, it can be foul. Those ambiguities and paradoxes are best arrived at if you show all there is to see.” – Clive Barker

Home again, home again, jiggly-jog. I’m penning this digital diary entry from Haus Of Boudoir. My travels have, for now, come to an end. I’m currently in the recuperate phase where I hole up on my bed with a stack of reading material, my laptop and one very large mug of tea. I’m still spinning with the events that took place over the last few weeks, filming The Editor, Toronto Fan Expo and Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear. All were full of ‘is this really my life?’ moments, some hilarious parts that still have my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard, and bruises from a combination poor coordination and testing the limits of my body.

The Astron 6 crew: holy cow. Those guys and their team had me doing things in general I’d never thought that I’d be doing ever, let alone letting someone film it. Despite the ridiculous heat of Winnipeg in August (I know right now Crystal Precious will read this, cackle and call me a wuss) it was so wonderful to work with everyone on that set. Not one person did I prank, ambush or startle, which is out of character for me, since that means I ¬†genuinely liked them a lot, and I wasn’t given over to my usual raccoon-like nature. Or it was too hot to put the effort it. Let’s just go with with former, rather than the latter. But after seeing some of the footage and film stills, I’m really excited to be part of this project and help birth it out.

In a whirlwind I was in Toronto and I’ve got to say big ups to the McKenzie family for hosting me and taking care of everything, Rue Morgue, Raven Banner, and Anchor Bay for, well everything. I was beyond spoiled. As Jen put it, she thought’d she’d sat on Joss Whedon, she couldn’t figure why all those people were lined up to see… us?

And yet, they were. And they were all wonderful.

The bruises are healing nicely. I’ve the usual ‘mystery injuries’ I tend to pick up when I’m travelling. My fake scars might have been gently eased off of my face, but it makes me think of what brings all of us together – the other scars. Or the tiger stripes as I like to think of them.

There was a record attendance at Fan Expo this year. It was HUGE. Genre film nuts with comic book geeks and shoulder to shoulder with video game nerds. We all came together because we have something in common to share, an enthusiasm for our passions and the sense of belonging. Many times during the show it was hard not to stand on the table and proclaim loudly, ‘These are my people!”. After years in school getting bullied for liking these things and being a weirdo, they are the very things that draws me to the others now.

And no community has been so welcoming to me like the horror community. Where you would think that folks who have made a living of dark themes who spend their days trying to scare the normal populace would have personalities to match are, by and large, the most charming folks you care to meet. Actors I’ve seen either playing psychological games or wielding weapons onscreen are in person warm and caring. Women who direct the darkest mindfucks that will keep you up at night hug you with genuine affection. Professional monster makers doodle funny little critters on beer coasters.Their talent is only outpaced by their hearts.

I’m back in my coastal habitat, prepping for my show at the Keefer Bar tonight. The gratitude is pretty strong right now, won’t lie.

And it feels like I’m earning my stripes.

Original painting by horror artist and icon Clive Barker, taken at Rue Morgue headquarters. A reminder dreams come true.

Original painting by horror artist and icon Clive Barker, taken at Rue Morgue headquarters. A reminder dreams come true.


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