Scorpio Rising

Another year come and gone since I made the leap from late-twenty-something to early-thirty-something. And it’s been a good year. I can partially tell since my last blog post was sometime back in the summer and between rehearsing/performing in two major musicals, working the day jobs in the tower and corset shop, not to mention the stripping with the usual SASS-spects, some things got left by the wayside. Such as recording the whole damn thing.

So where to begin in catch up? I can mention that there is no such thing as all highs. Indeed, I had my share of woes that included having my home invaded by parasites, getting bumped off of my bike by a motorist, and general burnout. These things may have hamstrung someone with more delicate sensibilities but I found strength in my adversity, and anything I didn’t have strength in I just drank my way til it FELT like I had the strength. Yup, the self medicating thing worked pretty well. Hey, it worked for the Vikings.

But here’s my favorite part: I’m no longer self medicating since everything is shifting into where it’s meant to be, which means I’ve been lucky enough do share my time this year with some damn talented people and performers. Sex At The Circus, Screaming Chicken, Spectral Theatre, Maria In The Shower with their productions and countless others. With the globe spun round the sun another year I feel I’m able to gain momentum onwards into a new era. Humbling to think during this time last year I was miserable with my life situation and was contemplating some form of justifiable homicide to get me away from the pain I was living with. It’s a good reminder that we have the power to change our lives, kids.

So now that I’ve conquered my demons, what’s next? The world, darling, the world. Through magic, film, and general refuse-to-take-shit attitude I now have in my battle implements, myself and the Sweet Soul girls are going to be doing some damage…

Crystal Precious: Successfully married… to her fucking music. She writes, produces, raps and strips. Anyone who has a hard time getting their head around how that works and how it’ll floor you, come out to the Keefer Bar on a Thursday and get schooled.

Lola Frost and Cherry Ontop: Opened the Vancouver Burlesque Center with Burgundy Brixx to help share and educate the Vancity peeps on our art form. And giving Vancity peeps a reason to wear heels with their yoga pants.

Nicky Ninedoors: This songbird scrapped her way to where she is. I watched her roll with punches every night on a hard tour across the USA and Canada. Seeing her get the accolades as a producer and performer that she deserves makes me smile.

Dani Tatarin: This woman is changing how we drink cocktails. Bar shots and sickly sweet girly-drinks don’t find their way onto her menu. These designer cocktails served out of the Keefer Bar show that this chick’s repetoire of alcoholic alchemy AND Traditional Chinese Medicine will have you coming back again and again for what ails you.

The Soska Twins: My new favorite names in horror. Again, writers, producers, directors. Don’t let the mirror hotness blind you to the fact that they are damn good at what they do; namely making you feel uncomfortable. Horror royalty? These bitches wear the crown

Melanie Talkington: The owner/designer of Lace Embrace (which shapes mine and other waists worldwide) has kicked it up. Unsatisfied with having the world’s largest collection of antique corsets, she now wants to open a museum in Vancouver to house them. Preserving our past by shaping the future.

So I’m not alone with these women who run with werewolves. We’re bringing culture back by evoking strange, strong, wonderful things to enhance your day to day life. Vancouver, your welcome.

Little Miss Risk

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