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I recall two moments that are milestones in one’s life sometimes collide together. In my case, it would change me and teach me the path of living commercially on the Internet. The first: I got a credit card and learned how to buy things online and the second, I developed my own site. The latter part came with the help of friends who understood HTML better than I, especially when this predated Facebook or MySpace’s user-friendly interfacing. Nope, slaving away learning code was my lot. Then once I had my credit card, I was  slave to the online purchase. With each delivery of every prize sent to me via Visa and the World Wide Web, I felt the same joy our pioneering ancestors felt getting a parcel in the post from the Hudson’s Bay Company.

But life happened, as did MySpace and Facebook, and my website became a series of blogs and journals. Most of which documented my journeys on the road as a burlesque dancer with my old band. I didn’t give a thought to selling stuff on my site til the Fan Expo in Toronto last August when people were buying my photo. Which seemed a little surreal to me, but still cool. Even after I had come home, people were interested in buying my photo. It got me thinking.

So I checked out the websites of other peers. Saw what they sold, got some ideas… and finally I put together, with the help of the wonderful DJ K-Tel, a store for my site. Prints will be available for sale year round, with a special ‘bonus’ photo available in limited quantity for one month only. There will be t-shirts and some stuff that I’ve worn in films available. Later, I’m hoping to sell some of my sketches and paintings to any interested parties, as well as some of my sculptures.

I don’t expect that this will be something I can live off the avails of, but if people are interested, I’m not one to say no. Launch to commence in one week’s time. So circle the calendar, and save the date…


Little Miss Risk

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