Showgrrl Shiz – February 2016

In the immortal words of George Takai, ‘OH, myyyyy…’ it looks like February this year is short on days, but long on action. It would seem that what I felt to be slacking off in the South Pacific all of January will see me play catch up onstage quite a bit. Not that I mind, in the least. It’s always a pleasure to take a little break and then get performance FOMO to remind me that I am still a long way off from calling it quits on romancing the stage. Given that my circus collective, Caravan Of Creeps, continues to inspire me, I’d say the honeymoon is far from over.


First up in the month of love is doing two things I am fond of: being a pervert onstage and philanthropy. I’ve wanted to perform for Florida-based party people at Fetish Factory since I found out about them via the Internet back in the days of MySpace. Suffice to say, I’ve wanted to work them for a minute… Couple that with regular invasions to Florida from our own Vancouver Sin City crew, I had heard all the stories of these debaucherous folks. Never let it be said that anyone can outdo me in the world of decadence, but I love a challenge. As a bonus, I’m excited to share the stage with Emily Astrom and Val Vampyre as well, who are reigning fetish queens. The benefit is for conservation of the native habitats, which in Florida are under constant threat of human encroachment. Read some Carl Hiassen if you doubt that this is true.


The following weekend will be action-packed… starting off with our very first hometown show for the Caravan Of Creeps! We’ve done one tour and a number of corporate events, but this is our first full-length show together on our home turf. I’m beyond excited, as it is primarily circus and sideshow based rather than just circus-inspired burlesque. These folks have become fast family to me, and their talent continues to floor me at every turn. Comprised of two world record holders, ex-Cirque Du Soleil alumni, a TED Talk giver, and more! Not only will we be holding the show at the Legion, but we’ve an dance party/rave after which takes me back to my Dollhouse Studio days when Sweet Soul Burlesque would hold underground cabarets and then have massive parties afterwards. I have missed those days (and I have much better outfits now).

12573843_10153820434298419_7508992677471933634_nAs for a good follow-up on Sunday, after a night of circus performances and dancing, come 3pm I will be joining Mister Nickel and Samantha Mack to host the 2nd Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival! Bringing in the best up from the underground, both from homegrown roots and beyond. Not gonna lie – I’m pretty pumped to have a number of films I’m involved in and projects that friends of mine have done as well as getting to discover new goodies! Come and join us for all the best in extreme cinema and get up to no good for only $10… a price that you can’t even see ONE Hollywood blockbuster for these days. Value? You bet!


THE ORCHID CLUB – Tues. Feb.23rd in the Projection Room at the Fox Cabaret (2321 Main Street, Vancouver, BC) $10, show at 9pm

Ah, The Fox Cabaret. I have such fond memories of attending that theatre back when it was a porno theatre. In fact it was Vancouver’s LAST porn theatre, and I recall that it used to be $10 per person and on Fridays couples got in for $18. It made for a pretty good date night, actually, given that they never showed a film made after 1986. Luckily, it was spared the cruel hand of redevelopment that many of Vancouver’s finer and more interesting buildings fell prey to. Now Ava Lure offers fun and intimate stage free performances. I’m exceedingly pleased to be joining them in a chance to offer something strange an exotic to their roster for the evening. Anyone in attendance curious to let me regale them with stories of the Fox’s former glory days, please ask.



The Dragon and I will be teaming up with gypsy-punk band for a tour of British Columbia’s Okanagan for a midwinter hootenanny! See what happens when two of East Vancouver’s most notorious underground performers combine their talents to take their show on the road! So stoked to bring the wonderful musical sounds of old and new, as in Gypsy Punk, Americana, Ol’ Jazz razz matazz and footstomping gut bucket style country to our friends in these fun towns!¬†Let the strains of Blackberry Wood seduce you with their melodies while ¬†Burns The Dragon and I shock and delight you with sideshow performances, and strange striptease and stunts.

Feb 24th The Royal, Fernie BC
Feb 25th The Oak Tree, Calgary, AB
Feb 26th The Foothills Folk Club, High River, AB
Feb 27 The School House, Ymir, BC

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