Son of Celluloid Review: Harvest Lake

Given that I have something of an ego and take pride in my work, because what artist doesn’t, I’ll probably not post any links to negative reviews in the future. Thankfully, I’ve not had to cross that bridge just yet, and deal with the trolls that live under said bridge. I have no doubt in my mind that the time will come, but when it does, I’ll just build a blanket fort, and bring in my bong, vegan s’mores, and laptop to watch reruns of The Muppet Show and Jim Henson Hour.

In the meantime, I’m continued to be floored by all the kudos that Harvest Lake is receiving. The latest review, to come in from Son of Celluloid makes me smile. Not for the praise for the acting (which is always welcome, and makes me feel like I didn’t fuck up the film) but for the technical aspects of the photography. But rather than wax rhapsodic over the review, I can always let you read it for yourself HERE.


Little Miss Risk

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