Tales From A Bar Stool…

… and for myself, oh some of the tales I could tell you. But this website is two ladies under a digital veil who blog about life in the bar scene and their observations. Sorry Sex And The City, this is the new power. Here’s what Tales From A Bar Stool is all about:

Be bold. Talk to strangers. Create tales.

I want you to connect. Share. Laugh. Smile. Listen. Talk to people face to face. Break down walls!

A bar stool is a confessional and a rendezvous point. Throughout time, it’s a place where minds converge and sorrows spill. Where lovers meet and demons lurk. A bar stool is a platform for storytelling.

After years of adventures, connections and generally amazing times spent on a bar stool, I want to share my tales with you. Teach you the lessons I’ve learned along the way about human nature. Inspire you to get out of your element and meet more people. It’s often the seemingly ordinary who are quite extraordinary.

Too often we surround ourselves with friends yet fail to meet strangers. We put up barriers to the very people we can learn from. People enrich our lives. Wouldn’t you want to meet more?

These are my tales about people.


Every so often they interview various folks. Last week, I was one of them. Being the trenchant narcissist that I am, I decided to post the link HERE and let you read it. You know, that whole ‘sharing is caring’ thing. And again, trenchant narcissism hard at work.


Little Miss Risk

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