I’m pretty stoked that I manage to pull off a number of fetish shoots with the delightful Shimona Henry as I’ve done. I’m also pretty pleased that I’ve shot quite a bit of my own tentacle Hentai as I talked about earlier in blog posts. So now I’ve been talking about it, so now is the time to share…








Ah, yes. Shot at Haus of Boudior in my own bathtub. But wait, there’s more!








So now your starting to ask, why am I blocking out the good bits, especially when it’s well known how comfortable I am with nudity? Well, it just so happens that Miss Henry will be releasing a published book soon with a number of these images and to celebrate it, we are throwing a fetish art show! So in order to motivate you come June to check it out, I’m going to just tease you with this. And maybe ONE more before I sign off….






Yup. That should do it until I can write something witty in regards to my weekend in L.A. at Monsterpalooza with the Twisted Twins and the Masters FX team.

Hugs and Hisses,

Little Miss Risk

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One Response to Tentacle-Willing

  1. David Biron says:

    You are without a doubt, a very beautiful ladie! I’m starting to be a huge fan of yours!! ;)

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